Sunday, December 9, 2007

Now this is the life

On Sunday's the Hub and I usually do a little cleaning, wash some clothes and then dedicate the rest of our time to playing with the kids or watching a family movie. But today! we were not feeling the love. We woke up at 6am (thanks to J.Bean) and wanted to immediately crawl back into bed. But instead, we got going with our morning routine. Good ole' cinnamon rolls (and a Caramel Cafe Latte for me) for breakfast. Come midday, Sean and I were done! But we still had 2 loads of laundry to fold. So we thought, "This is a good time to introduce a new chore to our 6 year old's list of Things to do around the house. Son... we yelled. Get all the clothes out of the dryer and bring them into the living room. Ok, he said. Since you are growing up to be such a responsible young man, we thought you might enjoy helping Mommy and Daddy out a little more around the house." Hey now! Don't judge, this is one of those lies that is ok to tell your child. It really does benefit everyone. :-) To our surprise, our little man was more then enthusiastic to hear what he would be doing. "We need you to fold all these clothes and then put away all the ones that are yours. And when the next load is finished, we need you to do the same thing with that load as well. Ahh man....he whined. I don't wanna do it. Too bad! I said. You need to help out a little more around here and set a good example for your little sister. Ok...I'll do it, he said." And to my surprise, he not only did a great job but in the end he was happy he did it and said he wanted to fold all the clothes from now on. Fine by me, go for it.

Now you may be wondering what the Hubby and I were doing while he was finishing up the laundry. The answer is, not a darn thing. We sat on the sofa like two stumps in the forest and watched t.v.

So now I am offering my services. Wanna whip your kid into shape? Just kidding. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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