Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank you Little Einsteins

How do you know you've succeeded?

As a mother, is it when your child graduates from college or maybe even high school? Or is it as easy as making it through one day with no bruises, broken bones or tummy aches to cry about?

As a wife, is it when you hit the quarter of a century mark? Or is it remaining faithful to your adorable but sometimes extremely irritating husband for all of your life together? Or is it just, being there?

As a woman, is it when you have achieved every one of your goals and retired at the age of 50? Or is it standing up for what you believe is right, and coming out on top?

I, as a mother, a wife and a woman, have not experienced the true joy of success. I hope to see it one day soon.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Bandana - Yes or No?

Bean was playing around with my fabric today and she layed a scrap over her head and it looked just like a bandana. "Ah ha!" I thought. Maybe I can make little baby bandana's.

Below are a few pics of Bean and her new Baby Bandana. What do you think? Should I start making these and add them to my store, or does she look like a 1 year old maid?

She hate's bows, headbands, ribbons and anything else girly but she actually kept this on for an hour plus. I think she liked it because it kept the hair out of her face.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello, Mr. Commanding General Sir

It's our first time living on post housing, or in this case, base housing since we live on a Marine Corps base but we're Army.

Anyway, last week we had a community meeting to discuss the "issue's" happening on base and around housing. It was at 4pm and I was luckily able to get out of my pj's around 2pm. I asked the hubs if what I was wearing was fine and he said, "no problem babe!"

Well, we did not know that the Commanding General was going to be there. Or whatever he's called. And if you know me, you know that I am a free spirit, say what you want, act how you feel kind of girl. And my shirt....well, it said it all.

Here is a photo of my new shirt that I proudly wore and made my first impression for the CG (or whatever he's called). He's the Marine CG so I don't think it really counts. I can tell you this, NO ONE was looking at my chest. HA! HA!

And this is the shirt I purchased for my Hubby.

What can I say, we're Seinfeld fans.

Photo's by 80stees.com

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

These Boots were made for Walkin'

Martha Stewart Contest

Visit Martha Stewart's Blog for a chance to have your blog reviewed by her and her staff!

And as a bonus, you'll also have the chance to be featured on The Martha Blog.

Visit her blog today to enter! It's easy and what a great opportunity!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lord of the Flies

My husband gets credit for the title of this story, because he is the reason for the story. Pictures are below for your viewing pleasure.

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, the family & I enjoyed a day out and about. We browsed through Ontario Mills and visited family before venturing 2 hours back home.

The hubs thought it would be a good idea to leave the back door open (screen door also) so Kouma could help himself to the backyard when the potty bells rang. We were gone for a total of 9 hours. My "animal lover" husband didn't want poor Kouma to suffer that long in his cage. That, I agree with BUT, leaving the patio door open for many many many hours, not so much.

When we got home at 8:45pm, I took Bean straight back to her room to put her down for bed. D went to the potty & was told to go straight to bed after he was done as it was pass his bedtime as well.

As I'm putting Bean in her PJ's I hear, "Holy Sh!t" or something along those lines. I walk out of her room, worried that Kouma had destroyed our computer and look over at my husband to see him staring at the ceiling. When I look up I see hundred's of flies just camping out on our ceiling. I scream and yell, "What the hell is that?" Clearly I am blind or choosing not to believe what I am seeing. My hubby say's, "flies." "Get D in his room & close his door. Put Bean down to bed & make sure you keep her door closed too," he said.

The only good part about this story is that we always have all the bedroom and bathroom doors closed so Bean can't get into anything she's not supposed to. All the bedroom's and bathroom's were clear of flies. I get Bean down and tuck Dorian in, telling him really quickly what is going on and why he needs to keep his door closed.

I head down the hall to get a better look at our fly motel. There are flies all over the living room, dining room and kitchen. On the walls, ceiling, ceiling fans, light fixtures, tables, everywhere. 500 flies, I think is an understatement.

After surveying the damage, I suit up in my fly killing gear (fly swatter & a paper towel to dispose of the unlucky one's) and get to work. Sean ran off to Wal-Mart to purchase those sticky fly catcher things & fly fogger. By the time he returned, I'm guessing I had killed close to a hundred fly's.

I never believed those little sticky things worked but when you have hundred's of flies in your house, you're bound to catch a few. So now we have hundred's of flies, 20 sticky fly catcher things and 4 cans of fogger. What a fabulous evening this turned out to be.

Sean starts covering everything with towels, blankets and plastic as I pin the sticky fly catcher thing's all over the ceiling. One of them claimed 6 inches of my hair. Grrrr! There was no way I was going to try and get bug attracting goop out of my hair so off it went!

After all was covered and hung, Sean put the pups up and got ready to set the fogger's. Before going back to the bedroom I told him, "Babe, I don't think we're suppose to be in the house when you set these thing's off." But he was adamant that the instructions just suggest getting out of the area. Now you're probably wondering, why in the world would I trust the word of a man who just let hundreds of flies enjoy our AC prior to their gruesome death? Because I love and trust him, that's why.

I poor myself a glass of water, grab my purse and other belongings and retreat to the bedroom. 10 minutes later I'm gagging from the fumes that were let in when the hubby came into our room. We had stuffed all the cracks of the kids doors to insure that they were bug zapper free but we were still worried. We rushed off to get them and within seconds we all poured into the master bedroom where the other patio door was open (screen door closed) to let in air.

We experienced 1 bedroom living last night. Sean and I in our bed, D in the closet and Bean in her playpen in our bathroom. We all survived and Sean and I woke up early to clean up the mess before the kids woke up.

I would guess that there were about 300 flies just on the sticky things alone. After a lot of vacuuming, sweeping, wiping down of every household item and removal of the sticky things, our house was back to normal. Thank God!

Our Dining Room area and Kitchen

Living Room

Sean, hard at work!

Animal Lover/Fly Assassin

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Design is Coming...

Until then, I'm going to be lazy & not post for a week or so. See you soon, with a whole new look!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bucket Baby Loves Her Golf Ball

Bean is as happy as could be with her licorice bucket and one of daddy's (clean) golf balls. I'm so happy we spent hundred's of dollars on baby toys.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Loved by the Oldies

The story I am about to tell you is 100% true. Nothing has been exaggerated to make me feel better about myself (or maybe worse, I haven't decided yet). :-)

I walked into the local Wal-Mart to pick up some dog shampoo, dog treats and paper towels. As you walk in, there's a McDonald's to the left with a bench that is located right outside the eating area.

Sitting on the bench are two elderly gentleman. Nothing to be alarmed about, they looked pretty normal. As I'm rounding the corner and turning my back to them, I hear, "Now she's stacked!" "WHAT?!" I thought. I examine my surroundings & discover that they're either talking about me or the 300lb. man walking a few feet behind me.

I continue walking, not giving them the satisfaction that they have me rattled. "Old fogies", I thought. I hear them say something that I couldn't quite make out and then I hear, "hell, she'd kill a young man!" :-0 "WHAT?!" Again, said to myself and not to the two looney's on the bench who deserved a swift kick in the ass.

By this time, I think I was so shocked that these comments (especially the word stacked) were coming out of such sweet (yeah right) looking men. I continued walking and resisted the urge to show them how long my middle finger was and got my supplies and got out.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blah! Blah! Blah!

It's 9:22pm on Friday evening. The Hubs is watching a movie (21) that I don't really care to watch at this time.

So...I jump on the blogosphere and think, "Good grief, I am so sick of looking at these BLAH! colors on my blog." I ask myself, "Self? What are you going to do about it? Are you gonna get creative and do something fancy? Hell no! I say. I'm gonna call in the big guns, my web designer."

Ladies and gents, I am sorry for making you look at this design for as long as I have. It's definitely time for a fresh new look & it's coming soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

World's Largest Hershey Bar!

Brought home by Daddy who was learning to fly another aircraft near Hershey, Pennsylvania. Thanks Daddy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A FUNDraiser for a FUN boy!

Dorian's school is having a fundraiser and I told him I would help him by getting the word out. :-)

If you need to renew a subscription to a magazine or maybe there's one you've been eyeing on the shelves at the grocery store for a while, now's the time to get it!

We have magazines for everyone! To name a few, we have Time, People, Sports Illustrated, O (Oprah), Men's Health, Martha Stewart Living, Everyday Food, Body + Soul, Nickelodeon, Better Homes, Golf Digest, Highlights, Health, Better Homes & Gardens & SO MUCH MORE!

40% of the proceeds go back to his school & with every subscription he sells, he moves up in the prize rank. Currently, we're trying to get to the "Crazy Top Hat" prize and next is the "Ice Cream Pigout Party". I'm sure his teacher will love that one.

If you can, please subscribe for a magazine at http://www.qsp.com/ and use his Student ID - ROB1, so he'll receive credit for it.

If you would prefer to order one through me and not online via check or Paypal, you can email me at sarah@thepitterpatterboutique.com and we'll work everything out.

Orders are accepted between now & Sept. 23rd.

Here's a more professional description of the Fundraiser.

QSP has something for everyone! We offer over 700 of the most popular magazines in Americaall at great savings-up to 90% off newstand prices!

When you offer the magazines that people buy most often, you have more satisfied customers – customers that will look forward to a QSP fundraiser year after year! In addition, our wide variety of titles provides choices for everyone, whatever their interest, whatever their budget.

QSP magazine fundraisers provide your school or group 40% OF EVERY SUBSCRIPTION DOLLAR! Sell just one subscription to Reader's Digest – your school keeps $7.60! That's right – $7.60! Not a public school? No problem! QSP offers special programs with unique catalogs created especially for Catholic and Christian schools.

Everyone loves music!

With over 250 of America's favorite titles, QSP delivers a music package with the top selling artists of today, plus all your old favorites! QSP understands that to make your fundraiser successful you need to offer something for everyone – we help you build on your success with a variety of music selections – from pop and rock, jazz and Latin, to country and gospel!


Monday, September 1, 2008

It's the little things that drive me crazy

Like when you have a brand new box of foil and after making your first rip! of the paper, the whole thing falls apart. Why? The last 4 boxes I've purchased have all been rigged to go to pieces in my hand. It's not easy tearing foil on a flimsy side of cardboard with none of those glorious metal teeth things to rip into your fingers!

Ok, I am done venting. But pictures of the culprit are below. I'm determined to finish the box. I guess the smart thing to do would be to buy another box and just finish up this roll of foil in there. But nope! I prefer to do it the difficult way.

Monster's Inc. memory. Quick catch up for those of you who don't know. When we moved, we had to wait 11 days to get our cable installed. We don't have antenna's so we had to watch movies when we wanted to hear something other then dog's barking and kids screaming. Monster's Inc. was the # 1 choice so I'm pretty sure we came close to watching it about 20 times.

So back to the memory. Remember Mike Wazowski on the movie, when he put Boo's door back together for Sulley? And then he showed his hand's after receiving numerous splinter's from all his hard work. Mine look like that, seriously.

My facial expression kind of looks like that also.