Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maybe In Another 4 Years

Are you sick of looking at my disgusting finger yet? I am. So I thought I'd let you guys know how my date went with the Hubs last night.

The Kiddo's are at Grandma and Pa Pa's for the weekend so the Hubs and I took this opportunity to go out on a date. We went with the typical first date scenario, dinner and a movie.

Dinner was great! Yummy and delicious. We went to Olive Garden, I had a Sangria and some super fattening Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, which was totally worth every single calorie it dishes out. The Hubs was good, he had Salmon and veggies. Booooo!!!! We talked about nothing and everything. We laughed. We joked. We fell in love again. All in less then 2 hours. Maybe it was the Sangria? LOL! Kidding. Love you Babe!

After that we made our way to the movie theatre to see The Hangover. Once we got seated the Hubs got a phone call from our alarm company saying the alarm was tripped in our house. Grrrr!!! Hubs was pretty positive it was Max, jumping on the kitchen table (BAD DOG!) and tripping the motion sensor. But I just couldn't sit in a theatre waiting for ADT to call us back and let us know if the cops saw anything suspicious.

We got a refund, jumped in the car, and headed home. When we got there all was fine. Damn dog! At that point, we didn't feel like waiting 2 hours to catch the other showing of The Hangover so we just stayed home. The last time the Hubs and I saw a movie (in a theatre) without the children was in 2005.


P.S. If you have seen The Hangover, don't tell me anything. We'll just add it to the Blockbuster list.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pain before Pleasure

We went to Universal Studios Hollywood yesterday and had a great time. The photo's will come later because, well, I had a little accident at the beginning of the day that made snapping photos a pain. Really, a PAIN. So once the family forwards their pics to me, I'll post some here. But until then, here's the pain.

I pull up to the valet at Universal and get out of the car. I have to unload 2 bags, 2 kids, a stroller and about 500 smaller things that come with keeping the kids happy and safe. I pop the trunk and go to pull out the stroller. We have one of those jogging strollers that just pops open when you grab the handle to unfold it. I grabbed the wrong spot and my right hand ended up in the "joint" (for lack of a better word) and was smashed.

If your anything like me, you may not want to look at the pics below. They're not terrible but the slightest bit of blood makes me dizzy. After smashing my hand, I take a moment (with the 3 valet guys looking on) to push the tears away and just get everything out of the car and get on my way. With blood coming out of my hand, one valet guy is just standing there looking at me. I said to him, "I'm done. Is there anything else you need from me?'' He said, "No." and I was on my way. Now that I think about it, I think the insensitive bastard was waiting for a tip. Pardon me Mr. Valet Guy for not digging my bloody hand into my purse and tipping you. My Coach purse thanks me, and you will survive without my $3 bucks!

I had to stop about 20 yards from the valet to squat down and breath through the tunnel vision that was coming from the excruciating pain. Then, when I got down to Universal level, I had to make another squat stop. I found out where the First Aid station was and made my way there with no more squat stops. For some reason, after having it cleaned and bandaged, I had to make 2 more squat stops before I was good to go. I am such a weenie.

This would've been easier to handle if the Hubs was there but he had to work and I hadn't meet up with the family yet. At this moment, I've taken the bandages off, cut off all the skin that was hanging off, and cleaned it again. My finger is still swollen and still numb. The nurse who treated me said that I may have pinched a nerve and that's the reason for the numbness. I can bend it so we're all good there.

And if you're wondering why the pictures are all the way at the bottom, it's because I can't look at them while I type this post. So I'll finish up, add the photo's quickly and be done with it.


We have a few. The Hubs does like my painting (below) and I'll find out all my test results today at 11am. I'll let you know what I find out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Work of Art or Piece of Crap?

I can't decide. I think I'm going to darken the trunk and branches to better match the top, lighter portion of the canvas. My intentions were to put this up in our (empty) formal dining and living room as inspiration for design.

Now, I'm not so sure. I'm almost positive my husband won't like it though. LOL!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Soldier's Daughter

Daddy went back to work yesterday after a 3 week break. He was only able to spend maybe 3 or 4 days relaxing because he was busy with the move. Bean missed her daddy dearly while he was at work. Once he got home, she gave him big huggies and kissies and then demanded he give her his socks. LOL!

The disgusted look on my face didn't stop her from putting them on her feet. Then she put his boots on and asked for his shirt (which is really his jacket). "SHIRT! SHIRT!" she yelled. After suiting up, she was ready to pose for photo's.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

D-Day is Coming

June 26, 2009

The date above has the ability to drastically change my life. IT, however, is not the end. On June 26, 2009, I will find out the results to my Brain MRI, my 72hr EEG, my EMG and all my labs and other tests. One reason why I know it's not the end is because my Radiologist Report from my MRI states, "CLOSE FOLLOW-UP IS SUGGESTED".

On June 26, 2009, I will walk into my Neuro's office with a list of questions that WILL be answered, a tape recorder to catch the stuff I may miss, and my husband by my side. No matter what comes out of her mouth, I will schedule a meeting with my GP for the following week so I may request a referral for a new Neurologist.

I've been ignoring my possible MS since my last test on Tuesday, June 16th. It just feels better when you pretend it's not there. I'm not expecting a diagnosis on Friday. Actually, I'm not expecting much of anything from that lady. I expect to feel confused, lost and maybe even sad. I don't expect good news, but I don't except terrible news either.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how June 26th changes me. Hey! A little rhyme. =)

By the way, I'm still picking glue out of my hair from the 72hr EEG. My hair has been through numerous washes and even spent a good 30 minutes in pool water.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Want to Win a Shoulder Bag?

Hop on over to Little Designer Book for your chance to win. I entered and I'm doing everything I can to be able to show off this bag in a couple of weeks. =) As much as I want to win, I also want to share the fun with everyone else. So hurry on over and enter, giveaway ends soon.

Micky Mouse is in the House!!! And Minnie too!

Bean got a package today from her Great Auntie B and family. It was full of gifts for her birthday and it was just what she wanted. Check out the pics below and ignore the crazy hair, she had just woken up from a nap.

Eco-Friendly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bag

Look who's hiding inside...

Mickey Mouse!

Anything else?

It's Minnie Mouse!

Together At Last. Awww...

Checkin' out the new (stuffed) peeps.

She likes them.

A convenient carrying bag for Mickey & Minnie.

Another good day for the Bean. Rotten. Spoiled Rotten.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Designer Pancakes

So what are you doing this evening? I'll be giving my husband a foot massage.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Violators Will Be Prosecuted

Talk about a welcome to the neightborhood. We've lived here a little over a week and the Hubs' truck was broken into last night. I was so angry when I found out, I wanted to do a stake out this evening to see if the sorry bastard would return. He stole about 80 CD's and D's Nintendo DS. Luckily, he passed over the Hubs' key to unlock his rims and some other documentation in the center console that included personal information. Since removed.

Around noon the Hubs called the Deputy Sheriff's Dept. and put in a request to file a report. Shortly after, the sheriff stopped by to take down our report and informed us that they caught the guy. Can you believe it? Things like this usually get passed up with bigger cases but they were able to catch the guy. Apparently, there have been other reports in the area and during a drive through of the neighborhood, a police officer saw a suspicious vehicle and pulled him over. Cha-Ching!

The Hubs is on his way back from the police station WITH his CD case and D's Nintendo DS. The guy is in jail and is being charged with a felony because of priors and possible relation to a gang. The Sheriff said he could be lookin' at 5 years.

We'll be leaving Kouma outside from now on. At least we can have a little warning if a bad guy is lurking around the house. A rude reminder of the real world, outside the gates and armed soldier's of military grounds.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Too Cool for School

12 Units of the "B" Word

Eeek!! I finally went in to have my labs done this morning. I've been procrastinating because I knew they were going to take a lot of units (or tubes). I was right, at 7:30am they took 10 units. At approximately 7:35am, and I believe we were at unit number 8, I was awaken by smelling salts. I warned the lady, I am the passing out type when it comes to getting my blood drawn.

One hour later, around 8:40am, I had one more unit drawn and a conversation with the same nurse about my passing out. She said, "I can't believe you really passed out. I've had children wiggling all over the place, adults pulling the needle out, but I've never had a fainter. Even when I worked at the hospital, tons of things happened but never a fainting. You're my first." I am so proud. :)

The 8:40am unit was done with zero injury or sliding out of the chair. Then I had my final draw at 9:40am. No problems there either.

That was part 1 of my day. I expect part 2 to be worse.

Part 2 includes a Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Study (EMG/NCS). Or, pure torture. Any test that states, "Please take a pain pill 30 minutes before the test", is not a test to look forward to.

Educational Portion: This study is usually performed as a workup for pain, numbness or tingling in an arm or leg. It tests the condition of the nerves from the spine into the extremity to the foot or hand. There are two parts to the test, the nerve conduction study and the needle EMG Study. Eeeekkkk!!!

I am having this test done because I have been experiencing tingling (like pins & needles) in my hands and feet. Unexplained. It's a different feeling from when your hand or foot falls asleep. I've been dreading this test for weeks. It was actually pushed back a week by the doctor and I was more then happy to change my schedule around.

I can handle the NCS part, where recording electrodes are attached to my skin. (Note to Self: Shave Legs.) But it's the EMG part that has me a little nervous. Wouldn't you be if you read this description...

1. You lie down or sit in a comfortable and relaxed position. Certain areas of your skin may be cleaned. No problemo!

2. One or more NEEDLE electrodes are gently INSERTED into the muscle. (God help me) You may feel some pain, a dull ache or pressure as the electrode is inserted (Breathe Sarah, Breathe).

3. The muscle is tested at rest-normally there is no electrical activity in a resting muscle. The electrodes may be MOVED to get readings from different sections of the muscle.

WHAT?! Yes, they are going to move needles around under my skin. (Insert deep breath here)

This sucks! Wish me luck, and bravery.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

We celebrated Bean's 2nd Birthday on Sunday. We had a Mickey Mouse party and Bean looked adorable as Minnie. Thank you to all our wonderful friends and family for making this day a BLAST for Bean.

Our Birthday Girl

Daughter and Daddy

The Family - Me, Bean, Daddy and D

Hmmm, should I just tear this open and ignore what Mommy's saying?

A Kiss for Auntie Di.

A BIG green Dog or Bear? We know the truth Diana.

She's good at ripping paper.

An Organic Monkey from Grandma J. Look at that face, I think she likes it.

Safety First.

More Unwrapping.

And More.

And More.

She was the happiest 2 year old in the world yesterday. Lots of new toys, tons of cake and ice cream and lots of fun with family and friends. You would think she slept like a rock last night but the Hubs said she was up at 4am laughing and playing. A second rush from all the sugar, I'm sure.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm Going Undercover

We had some errands to run today and I've been dying to get out of this house. This is the last day with this darn thing on my head. I'm counting down the hours until 6am tomorrow. At that time, I'm allowed to remove the glue, tape and wires and return my handy-dandy recorder back to the docs office. Praise Jesus.

No strange looks today, but I think a few people may of thought I was there to rob them. LOL!

Update: I got my Radiologist Report from the imaging center who did my Brain MRI. I'm not going to say what it say's because frankly, I don't think you'll understand it. I barely can. I don't want any false info out there so I'm just going to wait and see what my Neurologist say's.

More to come but until then, have a great weekend. We'll be celebrating Bean's birthday this Sunday and I'll be back with photo's of her in her cutie patootie Minnie dress.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day Two and Side Views

I've been hanging in the house for most of the day. This test isn't painful, it's more of a nuisance then anything. Sleeping last night went ok. The worst part was when the hubs got up at 3am to take Max out and he set off the alarm, again. I wonder how abruptly being awaken by loud, piercing, shrieking sounds shows up on my test?

I had to change my recorder batteries at 10am sharp and actually remembered to do it pretty close to that time. 10:03am. Hubby came home and said, "Did you change your batteries today?" LOL! All I could do was laugh, it just sounded funny.

Yesterday, I realized that the wires that are surrounded by a fabric casing remind me less of a long ponytail and more of an umbilical cord. So freakin' sexy! After the wires were attached to my head, the nurse gathered them all up, put the casing over them, and then taped around the end of the casing to keep it in place. You can see that area above my ponytail. Then I put my hair up in a pony and he wrapped my head.

That's all for now.