Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day Two and Side Views

I've been hanging in the house for most of the day. This test isn't painful, it's more of a nuisance then anything. Sleeping last night went ok. The worst part was when the hubs got up at 3am to take Max out and he set off the alarm, again. I wonder how abruptly being awaken by loud, piercing, shrieking sounds shows up on my test?

I had to change my recorder batteries at 10am sharp and actually remembered to do it pretty close to that time. 10:03am. Hubby came home and said, "Did you change your batteries today?" LOL! All I could do was laugh, it just sounded funny.

Yesterday, I realized that the wires that are surrounded by a fabric casing remind me less of a long ponytail and more of an umbilical cord. So freakin' sexy! After the wires were attached to my head, the nurse gathered them all up, put the casing over them, and then taped around the end of the casing to keep it in place. You can see that area above my ponytail. Then I put my hair up in a pony and he wrapped my head.

That's all for now.

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Lisa Lou Hoo said...

You look good in a do rag (is that even how you spell it?)! Have I ever showed you Toby's picture from New Year's Eve a few years back where he is wearing his do rag?

Thinkin about you- hang in there!