Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Few of the Fun Things we Offer...

Nursing Covers

Each Nursing Cover comes with a sewn in burp cloth and matching bag to carry diapers, travel wipes and even the cover. All fabrics are made of 100% High Quality fabric. Here's just a few of what we have in stock at this time...


Flower Power


Khaki Eyelet (white backing for 100% privacy)

Car Seat Strap Covers

All come with a sewn on binkie holder made of Grosgrain ribbon with velcro closure. Double stitching over stress areas for the babies who like to yank out those binkie's. Customized strap covers available. Just send me a picture of your car seat and I'll do my best to match it. I currently have over 30 different fabrics to choose from including the one's seen above.

Oh, how she hate's the car seat. If baby's could talk she'd be saying this right about now...

Mom??? Why am I in my car seat while I am sitting in the LIVING ROOM!?!?!

Strap covers are approx. 5-1/2 inches long and fit all standard size car seat straps and stroller straps. Strap covers can be made shorter if you would prefer and you can also customize the length and color of your binkie holder. If you prefer to not have a binkie holder, that is fine as well.


Made with super soft Minky Dot fabric. Measures approx. 12in. x 11in. and that does not include the length of the ribbon (grosgrain). Several colors to choose from other then the blue and brown one pictured here. I have to say that I am quite shocked by the reaction my lil' cupcake had to her new Taggie. It was love at first touch, don't you think?

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