Monday, April 7, 2008

My Husband (name) is Famous!

We were cruising through Blockbuster over the weekend when we say this...

Look for the red arrow in the picture below the title (CashBack).

It's pointing to this...

Yup! That's the hubby's name. Sitting pretty close to the way too skinny (and topless) chick that is pictured on the cover.

He discovered it and wondered if we could keep it. It's just the cardboard that they put behind all the movies so you know where they go when they're all rented out. Or atleast that's what I assume they use those things for.

When we went to check out, I asked the lady if we could keep it because it had my hubby's name on it. She laughed and just said yes and I told her the movie looks like it sucks anyway so they probably won't need it for very much longer. :-)


Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Finally, something for me to comment about.

Too funny!

Now, this is just the kind of film/movie I would have expected your hubbie to create! ;) At least it's not a chic flick or some romantic drama b/c I'm sure the guys would never let him live it down.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was a producer of films in another life. HA HA