Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! California here we...

come? "No...that doesn't rhyme." Anyway, we found out (about a week ago) that we're going to be moving to Fort Irwin, California.


- About 2 hours from Las Vegas! Sweet!!!
- Husband will NOT deploy the entire time we're stationed there. He's been 4 times.
- About 2 hours from Los Angeles! Double Sweet!!!
- Close to family aka baby sitters. Thanks Grandma. Do you know that the Hubs and I haven't been out ALONE in over a year. Geez!
- Get to say Goodbye! to "Tornado Valley".


- It's Fort Irwin, CA. aka "No Man's Land". We'll be in the high desert between BFE and Lake 'In Your Dreams'.
- Relocating a business with the closes fabric store 30 minutes away. Wholesale accounts, here I come.
- Further from family, my half. :-(
- Did I mention we'll be in the desert? H.O.T.
- Saying Hello! to "Earthquake Central".

We'll be about 30 minutes North of Barstow and an hour North of Victorville and Apple Valley. If anyone knows anything...I mean anything, about anything in those area's, please feel free to share. My hubby is from Riverside but we will both be new to the High Desert area. We still have no idea when we'll actually be on our way but wish us luck!

You may find this interesting. When I googled Enterprise, AL (where we currently live) and Fort Irwin, CA (where we will soon be stationed), these are the 1st images under the two.

Enterprise, AL - Hail the almighty Boll Weevil!

Yes folks, she is holding a giant beetle in her hand. The Boll Weevil destroyed all the cotton crop and forced the city of Enterprise to move on to peanut farming. Now, over half the peanuts that are distributed within the US, come from Enterprise and surrounding area's.

Fort Irwin, CA. - I got nothin' to say. Well actually, those of you who know me know that I have plenty to say but I am going to hold my tongue on this.

Do you think I should prepare for a major change?


Lisa Lou Hoo said...

What about farthest away from your bestest friend???? :( Yeah, I know I'm moving too but you're leaving first!!!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

That's worse then Con. That's like on my shitiest of shity list. Pardon my language.

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Aww shucks!

Ella said...

It won't be that bad you will be near baby sitters ( smile)

Lu said...

Glad you'll be close to babysitters... I know you'll enjoy the "Free" sitting and alone time for you and your Hubbie! Good luck!