Friday, August 29, 2008

A little bit of beauty in the desert

After taking the pups out to potty, I looked up over our fence and saw a beautiful owl staring back at me. I grabbed the camera and ran back outside to see that it had turned it's back on me. Damn owl!

I had to capture this creature to remind myself that there can still be beauty in this sandy wasteland. Ahhh hemm, I mean Wonderland! (Too much Monster's Inc.)

So below is the photo of my owl, named Herb. Why I chose that name, I have no idea but he can't say anything about it. I've circled him so you can better see. I also spotted a Hummingbird a few day's ago. Truly amazing.

Aside from these gorgeous creatures I have a spider the size of a calculator (a big one) living on my front porch and a cricket, or frog, or lizard-thing or something, that makes the loudest freakin' noise from 9pm - 6am right by my bedroom door (outside door). Thank you, you annoying reptile you.


Pheobie said...

Um, your kids are so stinkin' cute! Glad to see you are getting settled in your new home ~ and welcome back to blogging. :)

Ella said...

You think you have creatures! You should have seen the tarantula that was crawling across our patio. Diana was just screaming. She was so freaked out that she called the neighbor. He picked it up and took it down the street. He claimed that it will kill other insects and flies. That was out excitement for the week.

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Sounds like that tarantula I saw walking across the cul-de-sac that day. I wonder if it's the same one? LOL!