Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Crappy Parts of this Week

It's been a while. Sorry. This week has been great and miserable all at the same time. Today, on what was supposed to be family fun day Sunday, I'm sharing the miserable aka crappy parts of my week with you. Ending with the crappy side of family fun day Sunday. Just a intro to the week, family was in town. We went to San Diego Zoo, Disney Land and my Mom and I hit up a Casino for a few hours, all over 5 days.

Monday - Long. Spent time with family. Nice. Got mad at Hubby. Not nice. Got mad at Hubby a few more times. Hubby not happy. Me not nice. Ate dinner at Midnight. Me not Happy. It was Jack-In-The-Box. That part made me happy.

Tuesday - Long but fun. Time with family. Good. Time with Hubby. Good. Hubby made me happy today. Me not mad at Hubby.

Wednesday - Started at 4:12am. Severe pain down spine from base of skull to middle of back. Me crying, so much pain. NOT happy. Lost lots of Mom's money at Casino. Mom not happy. Me not happy. Babies crying all the way home. Me still in terrible pain. Lots of driving. Kids not happy. Arrive on post (near home) at 7pm. Finally. And...I get pulled over. Why? Because of the decal on my back window. Apparently, per the cop, he has seen my vehicle in my driveway and has been waiting to pull me over. Did I say "Thank You" Mr. Cop? No!? Too bad. Cop say's decal is illegal. I call bullshit. Oh and I started crying when the cop pulled me over because I was so frustrated by the end of the day and in so much pain. I just wanted to go home.

Thursday - Schedule appointment for neck & back. Worked through the pain to complete all the orders that were received over my vacation. Not much else was done this day. Tried to sleep but the damn dog (one pictured in previous post) wouldn't stop barking. Put his ass in the garage and didn't give a damn what he did in there.

Friday - Discovered that dog chewed up Hubby's helmet, a box, some other stuff and whatever else I didn't bother searching for at 6:00am. Went to appointment. Maybe whiplash, surely from the fabulous Disney Land coasters. Or maybe the result of heavy lifting. Not possible. Thank you for my muscle relaxers and the "get a massage" diagnosis. Can I get that in writing? 9:00pm, eating a blow pop and my tooth chips off. Lovely. It's a tooth in the back that I had a Root Canal on a couple of years ago and never had a crown put in. I was preggo during the Root Canal, didn't have patience for anything else. Friday night, broken tooth, whiplash, pain in neck, back and now mouth. What did I do?

Saturday - Why am I up at 6am? Find a dentist. Done (by hubby). Next available appointment, April 14th. No, thank you. Find another dentist. 2pm today...I'll take it! Get to dentist at 1:45pm. You're welcome. Seen by dentist at 3:35pm. WTF! Temporary crown. A beautiful silver. Thank God it's in the back. Permanent tooth-colored one in 3 weeks. Dinner shoved to the left side of my mouth. Managed not to spill any of my Diet Coke while sipping out of a half numb mouth. First meal of the day and I ate enough to cover the one's I missed.

Sunday - Decide to use our last pass at Disney Land. Awake at 6am. Ok this time. Planned. Trip there, fine. Ride a few rides. All good. Get on Autopia (driving electric cars) and Bean spits up on her jacket. No biggie. Easy clean up. Eat lunch. Bean not interested. Something is definitely wrong. I mean, this is my daughter. On our way out of Disney Land, heading to California Adventure. Getting hand stamped and hand stamper lady say's, "She's throwing up." Very calmly. Lady, that was an understatement. Bean looked like a human fire hydrant! Throw up all over her, her stroller, my jacket. Pull her out of the seat. Take her shirt off and wipe her down with baby wipes. While everyone watches. Go have fun and be merry people! Put soiled clothes in bag. Put jacket (that was previously cleaned and not being worn at the time of explosion) back on Bean. Today, is the the one day that I didn't bring a change of clothes. Way to go Mom. Decide to leave. D not happy. Stop at potty on way. Bean throws up on Daddy. Daddy not happy. On way home, I'm in the back to catch any flying debris. Do you think we made it home without an accident? Of course not. 1st throw up in car, got it! Caught it in a bag, had a little warning with this one. 2nd throw up in car, I got it alright. On my shirt, my face, my sunglasses. *sigh* Most of it went in the bag but this one was violent and fast. Got home. Bath. Threw up one more time. Right now, she seems ok. Little bit of a fever but no throwing up since 4:30pm.

And in case you're wondering, the Hubs "fought" the cops on the illegal decal issue and won. He pulled up the California Vehicle Code listed on the ticket, as long as I can see out and I have a mirror on either side of my car, I'm good. They ticketed me because they said it was illegal not to be able to see in.

Also, I am thankful for all the fun and generosity from our family this week. It's just had many ruff parts. The positives and photo's will be shared in later posts.

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Ella said...

You poor thing! So sorry to hear of all the mishaps. glad to hear that Bean is doing better. Be sure and take care of yourself because if you aren't able to do, who is? Love to all