Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Bucket" Pup

Kouma, our 'wild child' 87lb White German Shepherd, was neutered yesterday. We were debating about breeding him but decided there was no real benefit in doing so. We didn't want pick of the litter because having another Kouma meant a certain someone would need strong meds to cope with the insanity that was sure to be, Kouma Jr.

Many of you know of my struggles with Kouma. One of you, and you know who you are :D, refer to him as "Cujo". LOL! He's not that bad, really. The hubs and I decided the best thing to do was to neuter him and hope that just maybe it'll mellow him out some. Even if it's just a weee tiny bit, I'd be happy.

Anyway, the deed is done and after an exhausting day, Kouma is home. With strict orders of NO LICKING! We opted to take a doggy cone or "bucket" as my daughter calls it (and now Kouma) home with us. As expected, when bed time rolled around he started to lick his manhood-no-longer.

Daddy put the "bucket" on and within seconds tears of laughter were pouring down my cheeks. It was the funniest thing. I wish I was able to keep still long enough to video it but the poor dog was running into EVERYTHING. I did however, take some photo's.

Kouma's doing ok this morning but he still wants to lick. The "bucket" goes on when we're unable to watch him. A warning to people who haven't experienced the bucket, it's made of very strong plastic and hurts like hell when it slams into your bare legs at 5mph.


Heather said...

If you get Bitter Apple and spray directly onto his surgical area, he won't lick it and you can take off the cone. It is all natural, safe and recommended by vets. My dog was afraid of the cone, doc said it would make him stress out and he wouldn't heal so he suggested the Bitter Apple. It worked. :)

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

That would be perfect. Is there a specific brand I should get? I'm guessing they have it at PetSmart.