Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Is this not the CUTEST/FUNNIEST picture ever!?

We had breakfast with the character's at Disneyland and Bean didn't care too much for Chip, or Dale (not sure which one).


The Smith Boys said...

I gotta tell ya...that's Dale. Chip has a black nose (like a chocolate chip). Trust me...I was Chip/Dale when I worked there in 1998! Wow! That's a long time ago - maybe its changed since then. hehe :-)

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

You're probably right. LOL! Either way, she wasn't diggin'm.

Cassie said...

aww poor thing!! pretty funny though ;)

Joy said...

I'm not to sure how I'd feel about a chipmunk that's bigger than me either.

He'll hate that picture when he gets older. :-)

Happy WW! And Happy Earth Day!

Ann said...

Sarah, I've read the first page of your posts, and before I continued I just needed to come back to the top and tell you I just love your blog!

Thanks for being a part of the Virtual Girls Night Out. I hope you're meeting some wonderful bloggers this weekend :->