Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Her Name was Lola, She was a Showgirl

Meet Lola. She is the newest member of the Ellis family. Lola is a 4 year old Great Dane who weighs in at 134.6lbs. We adopted her from a family that could no longer care for her.

Lola has a few issues that we just discovered today, 3 days after her adoption. We'll get to those later.

I think she's happy with her new family. She's got a thing about licking my face.

Bean and her new best friend.

Bean layed Bear on Lola while she was napping.

She doesn't care.


In the yard. You can see Max in the background, he can't even reach her face.

Watching TV with Bean. Her previous owners had her outdoors and she only layed on cement. The light patches you see are where she has lost hair from that. The vet says it should grow back.

Lola is the sweetest dog I have ever came in contact with. She's great with the kids, doesn't fight with the other dogs, which is good because Max acts as if he's on uppers 24 hours a day and Kouma needs to be put in his place every now and then. She plays ball with Max, but can't keep up with Kouma. LOL!

I took Lola to the vet today. I wanted to get a general check-up and also have a 'sore' on the bottom of her paw looked at. We confirmed her weight (above), learned that her right eyelid has no pigment (which is fine) and may be red just because of UV rays. The vet put her on an ointment just to be sure. If her eye is naturally that red, then there's no harm. If it's not, the ointment will help with the irritation. That's why her eye looks watery in the first pic.

We received some not-so-good news about Lola's paw.

The Doc said, "it may be a tumor". It's definitely not an irritated or enlarged pad. The "tumor" is to the side of her pad. The Doc was squeezing it and looking all around it and he said he felt something hard inside of it. He's not sure if it's bone or what and he said he's never seen anything like it.

He told us many different things that we could do from here but I think we're going to get a second opinion first. Lola doesn't show that she has any issues or pain with that paw. She plays, she gives you 'five', she runs, jumps and is like any other gentle giant. :)

We're hoping that it's something easy, like a cyst or just a wierd thing that she has. An extra bit of padding for her right front paw.

The picture of Lola's paw was sent to another vet by a very kind lady. That vet said that it may be best to take a piece of it and have it biopsied.

We didn't expect this.

I just wanted to adopt a Gentle Giant. And that's what I got, plus one little extra thing that I wish would just go away.

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