Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Likely

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I've already been through a lot.

If you already know the deal, here's where the story starts again.

I'll make this as quick as possible.

After taking a break from the whole MS thing, I visited a NEW neurologist yesterday. He is an MS Specialist working out of a highly accredited facility.

We talked for an hour about all my past tests, symptoms, and what's currently happening in my life. I was so pleased with him, there are not enough words to express my appreciation for a doctor who actually cares and listens.

He is the first doctor who actually viewed my brain MRI scans. He also viewed all my past test results and a symptoms list that I've been adding stuff to since May 2009. After all of this, he decided that he wanted to do a Spinal MRI, another EEG, and an Optic Neuritis test.

He said that it is likely that I have MS, but that he didn't want to make the diagnosis until viewing the results of these new tests. He's doing the EEG again because he wants to see the results for himself and have his practice perform the test. Luckily, this time it'll be completed in the office and I won't have to wear it for 72hrs.

I was fine during the entire appointment but had a little breakdown in the hallway when my husband asked if I was alright.

The Doc explained 4 different treatments I could follow. He grouped 3 of them together as sort of working the same way and then mentioned a seperate one on it's own. He said he would give me some information on each so that I could decide on my own. Each treatment requires self torture, I mean self injections. Some daily, some as 'little' as 3 times a week. Yea!

From here, I expect a few more breakdowns, a few more tests, and finally an answer. Whether it's the one I want or not. I'm willing to bet it's the one I don't want. Especially since he's already telling me about ways to "treat" it.

FYI...there is NO treatment for MS. It can NOT be cured. The "treatments" will only slow the deterioration of my brain and possibly, my spinal cord.

I'm numb.

On to the...

Educational Portion:

I think I've said all this in previous posts but I'll say it again for my newbies.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks the myelin coating that protects the central nervous system and the brain. The inflammation and scarring of the myelin interrupts the usual communication between nerve cells and can result in a wide variety of symptoms depending upon the affected areas. These may include blurred or double vision, loss of balance, trouble with coordination, muscle stiffness, bladder problems and memory loss or other cognitive concerns.

Not all people will experience the same symptoms as the disease's progression is unpredictable and personal.

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