Monday, October 5, 2009

Vegas - Sept. 25-27th

My sis Kris, and Moi, at the George Wallace Show.

I'm a little late in posting this but I wanted to share some pics from when I met up with my sis in Vegas. Once she emails me the ones from her camera, I'll share some more. :)

We went to the George Wallace Show, he was pretty good. We also went to see Carrot Top and surprisingly, he was hilarious. I definitely want to take the Hubs to his show the next time we're in Vegas.

We also attended the Miss Olympia pageant, one of my sis' friends was a contestant. Unfortunately, she didn't place but we got a lot of great pictures with some body builders.

Me and My Sis

Again. I thought I looked cute (and skinny), so I had to capture it.

Our room at the Venetian. Those are remote controlled drapes people! LOL!

The bed. So comfy. I love my sis but I wish I was sharing it with my husband.

Gold couch, camera didn't capture the color very well. Gotta get one of these for our formal room. I didn't even sit on it but it looked comfy.




And here's the car to go with it.

I can't remember what hotel we were at when we saw this but I was one of the many idiots photographing a car that doesn't belong to me. I thought the hubs would appreciate it so I did it all for him. ;D

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