Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can You Guess...

What I'm Doing Friday Night?

Date Night?


Mini Getaway?



Nope! Dammit!

I'm having 2 MRI's done. Woot! Woot!

But really, it's a good thing. It means I'll get answers soon, and MRI's aren't so bad. I just need to remember to not wear any metal so I don't have to put on their paper undies and gown. NOT cute!

When it's all done, maybe I'll reward myself with a slice of cheesecake, with strawberries. Mmm Mmm good! I'm always looking for a reason to eat cheesecake.

My appointment is at 8pm so I probably won't get my Radiologist Report until Monday, or maybe even Tuesday. I learned how to break'em down and understand them after my brain MRI (these 2 are of the spine). I'll share my thoughts on the RR when I can.


It's supposed to rain tomorrow. YAY!

Thank you to my readers for all your prayers and well wishes...

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