Friday, October 16, 2009

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Nope! That's not me at your door.

If you're lucky enough to not have needed an MRI, the Knock! Knock! Knock! is the lovely sound you hear while in one. Better then DING...DONG... I guess.

Today's the day.

2 MRI's and a side of (Cheesecake Factory) Cheesecake for me please!

I hope to get a CD of the scans this evening but if the radiologist isn't able, I'll have to get them on Monday. And when I receive them, I'll be sure to share a picture of my spine with you. Just like I did with my brain.

Yup! That's really MY brain. Cool Huh!

I'll be back with an update asap and another post showing you all the great things I've been receiving in the mail lately. Hint: It ain't all that great. Medical crap!

Wanna hear something funny?

Bean learned a bad word from her mommy. Ok, that part isn't funny. But for me, I don't consider it a bad word. It's Dammit!, a word that comes out of my mouth daily and was obviously picked up on by mini me.

She'll be playing with her blocks and then one will fall, "DAMMIT!" she'll say. At first it was hilarious but now, I've been able to hold in my laugh long enough to tell her "No!" and explain that that word isn't nice. It's just so funny that she uses it in the right context.

So....I had to tell my story in order to tell Seans. Muah Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

This morning he got Bean up and she came into the bedroom with us. After Sean climbed back into bed, the dogs attacked him with kisses. He said, "Fuckin' dogs!". LMAO!!! Well, of course Bean was right there and he said it loud enough for her to hear.

For the next 3 minutes she kept saying, "Fuckin' dogs! Fuckin' dogs!, Fuckin' dogs!" We were cracking up! Sean couldn't hold it together long enough to tell her to stop. Luckily, she hasn't said it since.

"Dammit!" still seems to be her favorite word. I'm sad to admit it, but she's a lot like me. But not when I was a child, she's a lot like me now.

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Ella said...

Thanks for the updates on the MRIs. You know you are always in my prayers. Tell bean you will be washing her mouth out with soap - but then she might be happy because she is one that loves to bathe :) Walter says he agrees with the comment that your hubs made about the dogs.