Friday, October 30, 2009

Why I Wore Lipstick...

...To My MS Diagnosis.

It's official. Sarah Ellis - Mom, Military Wife, Business Owner, and MS'er.

No surprise here however the fam didn't take it as well. I had already commited to the fact that I had MS, as was clearly shown in one of my past posts. The Hubs has been wonderful and even wrote a little something that I would like to share with you.

"It's been a long process, but today we got confirmation that Sarah has Multiple Sclerosis. So I'm writing this for her, for me, for them and for you. But most importantly for Us. Because, in the end, it is the 'Us' and the 'We' who makes this journey through the ups and downs of life easier on 'you' and 'I'. Today marks a turning point in our lives but not a stopping point nor a resting point. In fact, it is Sarah's quiet strength, determination and courage (not to mention stubborness) in the face of a debilitating disease that has given me the ability to cope with the possibilities of the future. So, today We decide to persevere and not give in...We decided to rejoice in life and not focus on the suffering...We decide to laugh and smile more than we will cry...We decide to support each other when we are the weakest. But most importantly, We will continue to be Us."

So now you know why I love this man. :) I think he pretty much said it all.

I'm handling everything pretty well. I'm telling myself I'm fine but this headache that I've had for 3 days now is telling me I'm stressing. It'll go away soon, I know. No tears. Those were shed months ago, ok maybe weeks ago, when all of this was really hitting me.

Results of my Spinal MRI, EEG and VEP:

My Spinal MRI showed one more lesion. So three in my noggin and one on my spine. My EEG came back normal so my ex-neuro was wrong when she diagnosed seizures. My VEP results weren't back yet but he said the results wouldn't make a difference either way.

The diagnosis was delivered and now it's time to get down to business. As I told a fellow MS'er, "I think I'm waiting for the words to come out of the neuros mouth and then something inside of me will say "GO!" and I'll be on my way to healthy living." I'm sticking to that but first, I've got some reading to do...

These are 4 binders, each containing information about a different drug said to slow the progression of MS (I have RRMS by the way). When the Doc said he was going to give us "information packets" on each, I think Sean and I were just expecting a pamphlet. Nope! We both said, "Holy Shit!" (ok, maybe it was just me) when we saw the nurse walk up with these monsters.

At first I was not willing to consider a drug, but after conversing with my neuro and reading up on my options I think I'm going to go for it. I'm not looking forward to injecting myself everyday and yesterday I thought, "I am 27. 27! 27! TWENTY SEVEN! And now my refrigerater is constantly going to be stocked with a months worth of mommy's drugs. Ah well, what can ya do?

So the plan is set! Diet. Exercise. Drugs.

Oh My!


Jade said...

Yeah that was really nice, you've been blessed with such a great support system.

Courtney said...

Get ready for greatness!! I think you will find that this will change your world in the best possible way. Take care, take it easy and then "GO"!

Cales said...

I can't imagine the stress you are going through. I don't know much about MS, actually I don't think I really know anything about it. But now it's time for me to read up on it!

You have the right attitude going into this! Just remember, you are YOU, you are not your diagnosis.

Mom #2 said...

It is mea again and I read your blog and the "state" didn't happen, er maybe a little. lol You can do this and we are all behind you. But remember one thing I can not help with the injections. :-) We love you and will have you in our prayers.

Make a Tail Wag said...

Dang it Sarah, I was praying for this not to be MS. Girl you are strong and have a wonderful husband.
You are truly blessed. If anyone can conquer this it will be you.
Does anyone in your family have MS? I thought it was hereditary but maybe not.
Keep strong my friend!

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Wow- I feel like I have just come out from under a rock. I have fallen significantly behind on my blog reading and have missed so much. I have been so wrapped up in working 2 jobs, Lyme disease and swine flu this past month that I have totally neglected my friend. And at a time when you needed it most- Bad Friend, Bad Friend! I'm so sorry. I just spent the last hour catching up on all that you have been going through when I should have been talking with you regularly through all of this.

You have been strong and brave and are an inspiration to many, myself included!

Kym said...

The Galloways will keep you uplifted in prayer, but as I said before you will win. I have always believed God gives you know more than you can handle. With knowledge there is power to overcome, so stay on top of any information that is out there. Always keep an open mind to all options(sorry thats the medical in me talking). There be lows and highs that you will have to deal with the way you know is best for you and your family. Kick Butt Sarah!! Shaun and I will keep you Sean, Dorian, and Jordan in prayer.

Lisa Emrich said...

Beautifully said. You are in good hands, those of yourself, your husband, and your neurologist. Welcome to the MS Club.

MS Central

Nanny Deprived said...

Wishing you the best of luck! Your truly lucky to have such a great husband. Take comfort in that!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

BIG thanks to all of you wonderful ladies! :D

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...


Sorry, I forgot to answer your question. My Dad isn't around so I'm not sure if anyone on his side of the family has/had it. My mom said that most of his family was deceased by the time I was born. On my Mom's side of the family, no one has MS.

I'm new to all of this but as far as I know, MS is NOT hereditary. There are many studies out there and some people firmly believe that it is, and some don't. I don't think there's any solid proof though.