Monday, October 12, 2009

A Party

We had D's birthday party yesterday, we celebrated at Dave & Buster's. We all had a lot of fun. Sean and I were especially happy to not have to clean up.

Here we all are, on our way to D&B

Bean was sleepy. D, just happy.

The Handsome Hubs.


We arrived a little early but the kids entertained themselves with games.

The Birthday Boy.

Daddy's clone. She perked up once we got to D&B.

The boys. We invited a few girls but none of them came.

The hubs, on napkin patrol. I'm guessing.

He had fun.

The cake. I guess there's no point in calling him "D" when his name is clearly printed on the cake. :) We didn't have a theme so we just went with his (current) favorite movie.

Singing, Happy Birthday to You...

We were able to rack in almost 2,000 tickets for him and his sis. They both picked stuffed animals. What a surprise.

Thank you to everyone who came.

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The Smith Boys said...

Happy Birthday Dorian! And Thanks Sarah. Now I want a burger and fries! hehe