Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 More Days...

till diagnosis day.

The way I look at it, I'll either get the definite diagnosis, or he'll request a Lumbar Puncture.


I'm banking on the diagnosis. Especially since I've been paying more attention to my symptoms and one symptom has been around constantly for weeks. At the very least.

It's my understanding that in order to diagnosis MS the doctor needs to see...

- Symptoms and signs indicating disease of the brain or spinal cord - Check
- Evidence of two or more lesions upon examination by MRI scan - Check
- Objective evidence of disease of the brain or spinal cord on doctor's examination - Check
- Two or more episodes lasting at least 24 hours and occurring at least one month apart - Read Below
- No other explanation for the symptoms - We'll See

Ok, I cheated. I copied that from WebMD. But I already knew all that stuff.

I'll list all my symptoms at another time but there are now 2 episodes where my symptoms have lasted longer then 24 hours. The first one was in May, which started all this MS crap, when I went in to see my GP for vertigo. It ended up lasting about 30 hours and at that appointment my GP referred me to my now ex-crappy neuro. That's one.

Number two. It's still going on and I just started paying attention to it after my last appointment with my new, wonderful neuro. 24 hours a day, everyday, for at least the last 3 weeks, I have been experiencing ringing/humming in my ears.

The best way I can describe it is if you turn on your TV, mute the audio, and then stand by the TV and listen to the sound it makes just because it's on, that's what I'm hearing. 24-7. At first I only noticed it at night, when all was quiet in our home. After I noticed it for a few nights I started 'listening' for it during the day and sure enough, it was still there.

It's not very loud or very annoying unless I concentrate on it. And when I concentrate on it, it gives me a headache. So I've paid attention long enough to know it's happening all the time and now I'm just ignoring it. Or trying to.


1. I've painted my nails blue. Just because I can and in the spirit of Halloween. The hubs looked at me crazy but Bean and D loved it.

2. Operation "Courteous Driver" is underway, and I think my whole city knows it. Yesterday I was cutoff by a very kind driver (biting my tongue), and this morning some jerk off guy was inches away from rear ending me.

3. Working on smoozing my husband into buying me a treadmill. Operation "Get Fit & Healthy" will begin Monday. With or without the treadmill. I think I'm going to start off with my normal diet and then work in (or out) some of the things that are/aren't recommended for those with (maybe) MS. Until then, I'll be hitting all my favorite crap food places.


Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

Sarah, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm not sure how you found me but did you notice that I have MS? I was diagnosed in April. If you want to talk to somebody...email me and we can chat. I'll be praying for you. I also have a big appointment this week. Friday I find out the results of my bone biopsy.
Norma Lee Good

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Hey Norma!

I found you through Brass and Ivory so I knew you had MS but I wasn't aware that you were just diagnosed in April.

Thank you for your prayers. I'll be updating here about the outcome of my appointment so we'll see how it goes. I'm so new to all this that I have no idea how having a bone biopsy relates to MS (if it does) but I'm interested to hear all about it. I'll have to read through some of your older posts. :)

Take care and I'm sure I'll be talking to you soon.