Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I waited about a month to get the results to my brain MRI. When I arrive at the appointment, the doctor told me that she was unable to view the scans on her computer. The worst part about this is that she was the one who told me to go to that particular imaging center and said that they're the only ones they use.

I've scheduled an appointment with a new GP for this Friday. I'm going to take all my labs, scans and test results to her and ask her to refer me to a Neuro of my choice. And if she doesn't, I'll probably kick her ass! So BEWARE lady!

So still, no real answers. Low B12, High Cholesterol, Intermediate Seizures but not severe enough to require medication (since I don't even know when I have them), a spot on my brain, but apparently it's not important enough for my doc to find a way to see it.

Right now, I just wanna scream. But I won't, because my precious Bean is napping and Daddy is bringing me BK! :)

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La Nouvelle Femme said...

I'm sorry! That has to be SO frustrating to be getting the run around from the doctors. I can't imagine having to wait so long. My thoughts and prayers are with you.