Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vegas Baby!

We went to Vegas for the weekend and took the kiddo's along. D's never been to Vegas and he has been begging to go for almost a year now. When he saw the bright lights he said, "I can't wait until I'm 20." :-( Sorry son but you have to be 21 to truly experience all of Vegas.

No surprises here, we started the day with a buffet. Everyone pigged out, including myself. And as you can see from the pictures below, we were all pretty happy.

Bean, Me and D

Bean waving with food on her lip, Me again and D

Daddy and Bean

Bean, drunk on beef

We spent the day with the kids. We rode the New York, New York roller coaster, D prefered to play games then ride (so he says) but we all know the truth. We took D to Circus Circus while Bean napped at the hotel with Grandpa. Circus Circus fits it's name. I've never seen so many damn kids in Vegas before. D had A LOT of fun there. He played games, won prizes, and Daddy was hitting every shot on the basketball game and won D a big bouncing ball.

We took some carnival-like stuffed animals back to Bean and hung out in the hotel room for a while. We were able to get away for the night thanks to Grandma and decided to hit the strip and check out a comedy show. We went to Improv at Harrah's and the comedians were hilarious. The drunk chick in the front row who completely embarassed herself and her date, not so much.

Before our date. The after photo would've shown 2 very tired people, one of which was feeling very nice after her their 3 drinks.

We did a bit of gambling, drinking, and a lot of laughing. We had a great time. When we got back to the hotel, poor Grandma was sitting on the couch. Bean, refusing to sleep, had kept her up until almost 1am. Sorry Grandma.


Katie said...

So fun! I love Vegas.

Grandma said...

Glad the evening was a success. Didn't mind keeping the kids. I do think that Bean knows she has grandma wrapped around her little finger.

Milo's Creations said...

Looks like you and fam had lots of fun! We haven't been to Vegas in a long time, but can't wait to go again!