Thursday, January 31, 2008


Most of you who read this have seen my website. I like it, I think it's adorable and it matches my blog. Unfortunetly, on the inside, it's a wreck!!!!

Certain information just refuses to show up. Organizing it and lining it is a pain in the ass. You can't change the color because it automatically chages back to the default color when you do. And if the color change does work, it then changes the size of everything. When you add a link it doesn't show up in another color so you don't even know it's there and good luck editing that.

This may sound like nothing but it's a big issue. If your web browser is firefox, all the bulleting that is in my site shows up on the left nav bar. And no, it's not supposed to be there. Words overlap other words and everything is a mess.

I thought maybe it was my web host and the editor within there. I have had that changed over and changed back and it's not the cause. Then I thought maybe it was just a glitch. I waited it out, but there was no glitch. So then I had a different designer (haven't been able to get a hold of my original one) look in my store admin (where all changes are made) to see if she could correct the problem and unfortunately, she couldn't.

The way my template (design for my site) was designed, there is no way she can change the font or anything else. It is also the cause of all the problems I am having within my site. The template was not uploaded properly. You're supposed to have what the designers call a "Style Sheet" and I don't even have that. I have a CSS template. I really don't understand it but basically, a style sheet can be edited and a template done in CSS can't be touched.


So now, I need a new template or a custom design. I have pretty much decided to go with the custom design. Mainly because I can't find any good templates around and also because I don't want to have to keep re-doing my site over and over again so I figured I would get it done right, the second time!

The sucky part, a custom design cost $650 bucks! And that's a cheap one. I'm not trying to hit up the super Pro's who charge you 3K for a site design. I've found a great girl who does them properly and works with many people I am in contact with daily. I have had more then 12 recommendations for her in the last few weeks. Even other web designers that I contact who are overloaded with work, tell me to contact her.

So the bummer is, now I have to wait and wait and wait until I have $650 to spend on a web design. Yeah right! I mean come on, I got 2 kids and a car crazy hubby. There's no way.'

Maybe I sound crazy but it really irritates me. You pay money for something to be right and it's not right. You want to fix it, but can't get in contact with the right person who could maybe fix it. And now you're not really sure if you even want to deal with that person anymore.

So, I'm out the money for that. Yeah, my design is nice until you start going through the content. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF A WEBSITE!

Ahhh thanks for listening. Maybe the little angels will come by and sprinkle me with fairy money dust. LOL!

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