Sunday, March 9, 2008

*****My 100th Post*****

It's finally here, my 100th post!

Now I have to do something grand like give out $100.00 or tell you 100 things about me or even do 100 cartwheels. You're excited aren't ya? Well don't be, cause none of that's gonna happen. :-)~

However, I am giving away 2 prizes (maybe 3) to 2 lucky winners (again, mayber 3)! Got your attention? Good.

Since 100 people don't visit my blog, I need everyone's help with completing this giveaway before 2009. If you want to be eligible to win one of the prizes, leave a comment here and post something in your blog regarding this giveaway with a link back to this post. Easy enough, right?

Here are the Prizes

One lucky winner will receive a $20.00 Gift Certificate to The Pitter Patter Boutique.

Another lucky winner will receive a No-Throw Sippy Cup Holder from The Pitter Patter Boutique in their choice of fabric! These are getting more and more popular everyday and they're a must have for the mom and baby on-the-go!

And as a possible added BONUS, kind of a "wait and see" sort of thing, I may be giving away this beautiful reversable ring sling. A $75.00 value!

Now remember, to be eligible you have to post about this giveaway on your blog and link back to it. Only one entry per person please. Drawing will be held after atleast 100 people have left a comment. Also, please leave your first choice out of the 3 items above, that you would like if you won!

Thanks for playing and Good Luck!


Katie said...

Yay, I'm first! I was planning on getting a nursing cover anyway once we now the sex of this baby, and I really want a sling this time too. Of course the sippy cup holder would be great too!

Rachel said...

How adorable is that stuff, and so is your blog! I clicked over from Ribbon Rockstar. I adore her.

stacey said...

You are one of my new favorites, so writing a post for you was easy!

I think any of it would be great, but would probably go with sling, $20 (cuz I LOVE your bags!), then holder!

Congratulations on turning 100!

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

All I want is your "100 brain-tingling facts about me" or "100 things you always wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask" post!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your stuff is great! Any of the three prizes would be great! I'd probably go with sling, $20, then the holder.

I'm here via Stacey and just posted a link to your contest.

Congrats on 100!

Anonymous said...

Your products are so cute and practical. As the mom of 4 with the youngest 2 months I appreciate anything that makes life a little easier!

Martie said...

I'm here via Stacey as well. What a cute site! I would love to enter your contest. I love the sling, the gc and the cup holder, in that order. Thanks a bunch!


Bunny B said...

Hi, I've blogged here.

Love your stuff. I would love to win the sling / $20.


jennyhope said...

yay on the 100. i will link to you on my blog!

Rockin' Mama said...


I think your site is awesome! Of course I would love the sling but the gift certificate to your store is wonderful as well! I blogged here: