Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

I decided to Tackle my hair today (actually Monday but close enough). Ok, ok, not me per say...but someone! BEWARE: This post includes venting at the end so leave after the photo's (but leave a comment :-)) if you're not up to seeing my best sailor imitation.



I look MUCH better in the before (not to mention, thinner)!!! I hadn't been to the salon in 6+ months in that photo. I was really looking forward to going, even though I was going to be toting along my 6 year old son and 9 month old daughter. I had my emergency kit all ready to go, juice and Cheerios for Bean and a snack for "D".

When they call my name to go back, once I round the corner to enter "salon" territory the lady stops me and says, "You know, you're really not suppose to have kids here unless they're getting a hair cut too." My thought, "BITCH!" Apparently, she got the message from just the look on my face and then continues to say "it's for the privacy of our other clients. So do you wanna cut her hair (referring to my 9 month old daughter who has beautiful curly hair that is just starting to grow in)?" "No, I said. I don't! But you guys can go ahead and shave my son's head if you feel it's necessary to follow the crap ass salon rules!"

Now let me say, if I wasn't so freakin' desperate for a trim and so... looking forward to having nice flowing hair for maybe 2 days, I would have walked right out of there. So I said, "let's go!" The next 30 minutes included me trying to calm Bean from 5 feet away and telling "D" to just give her more Cheerios, just give her more Cheerios.

When we were nearing the completition of my "so not worth it" trim, the hair cutter lady who I now refer to as "skank" said, "Ya know, you really don't have to get his hair done if you don't want to." So I said, "Ok, so you think it would be better if I just left rather then hung around longer for you to cut his hair?" "Yes, she said." SKANK!

I paid my $35 and got the hell out of there as fast as I could. I felt like I had rabies or something. Geez people!

Now let's just put the icing on the poor customer service/stupidity cake real quick.

When I called last week, the receptionist offered me a 2:45 pm appt. on Monday. My exact words to her were, "That won't work because I need to pick up my SON from school at 3pm." Her response, "Oh, well we can't finish your hair in 15 minutes." No shit sherlock! What I am saying is, can I please get an appt. for after 3pm? She scheduled me for 3:15pm, now why didn't she pass on the "No Children" policy then? She knew that I had never had my hair done there before since she had to add some additional info to the system.

Lucky for you guys and for this company, they're not a franchise.

Thanks for listening, and nothing against stylist, salons, receptionist or natives of this fantabulous state!


Rick Rack Attack said...

Oh! I can so feel your pain!! My kids once knocked over the salon's nail cart & about a million nail polish bottles cracked open on the floor! :D

Gave a huge tip & got the hell outta there!!

My hair DID look great though!

Stop on by anytime. I'll make you a glass of iced tea. Confessions of an Apron Queen: http://anapronaday.blogspot.com

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Gee, it's no surprise they aren't a franchise!

I'd have wanted to say something snotty like, "My kids are usually really good, but they tend to be ratsy when they are around nasty people. I've never seen them act this horribly."

FWIW, I think you look great in both pictures!

Colleen said...

I absolutely ABHORE places like that! Freakin' MORONS. Hopefully you can find a more kid-friendly place before you're due for your next cut! (I say this knowing I haven't yet found that nirvana myself.)

Karen Erickson said...

Ah I'm sorry what a pain. Taking the kids anywhere usually results in me wanting to cry like my children. LOL

I still think you look pretty darn good. :)

SmartyPantsMama - Caroline said...

Crazy salon!!! Some people are just ignorant!!! Happy that you stood up for yoruself, and your kids!


Karen said...

What is a mom supposed to do?

Tricia from Living at the Speed of Life said...

I'm right there with you - except that I tend to turn around and walk out of places that don't welcome my children. If my kids aren't welcome, then I don't feel all that welcome either. Sure, there are places that aren't appropriate for children, but a hair salon? Come on....

Ok, enough ranting on your blog. I'll try and keep the ranting to my own chunk of the Internet at http://www.triciaballad.com/blog/

Dawn- Sweet Pea Cakes, Etc. Blog said...

Oh I can feel your pain! I once stopped at one with both my girls in tow just to make the appointment and the lady was like well it costs this much and I am not sure if thats what you want. As if I can't afford it since I have kids??!!? Grr I was mad. Well I hope you get to go out again and have a nice hair cut! stop by and say hello sometime!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if I need to send my hubby there with his protest signs. I would have left with letting them do my hair. mom

Suzanne said...

I have always felt, you need to be a special person to work in a salon. Just like those people that take RUDE 101 before applying to work at the DMV!

As Forest Gump said, " Stupid is as Stupid does"!

OH and BTW, both photos look great! Eyebrows are awesome!

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Tiff said...

OMG!! i would be so mad!!! That put a damper on your wanting to get pampered even if it was a haircut!