Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank God it's Monday

I know people wouldn't usually say that but last week was terrible. One of the worst weeks I've had in a while.

We had personal issue's at home, business issue's, work issue's, stress, Stress and more STRESS!!!

I actually looked like the psycho mom yelling at her child yesterday as I was trying to get "D" off of a jumper so we could get going.

But thankfully, a new day/week has come and I hope this one turns out a million times better then last week.

Reminder Ladies and Gents! Tomorrow is April Fool's

Have any great jokes planned? Please share!

I'm going to stick with an oldie but a goody.

I'm gonna tie a rubberband around the sprayer on the kitchen sink and soak my husband and hopefully not my son.

I was thinking about playing a joke on him about his truck and me backing it into a pole but after yesterday, I don't think that's such a good idea.

His 4th baby (next to me and the 2 children) is his truck. It's lowered and has the rims and tons of work and money put into it. Well, yesterday he was helping me unload at a festival and he jumped the curb to get closer to my spot.

Rewind for a minute...about an hour prior to this I had jumped the curb, unloaded some boxes and as I was pulling off the grass to get back on the street, I got stuck. I got out and one of the tires was in the air just spinning (stupid truck). I called the hubby to ask him what to do and as the phone was ringing a nice gentleman came up to help. I said "My husbands gonna kill me!" and then, I hear silence on the phone and a "What did you do?" LOL! I told him to hold on. The nice guy said all he had to do was push it back onto the grass. Great! So he did and all was well, I got off the grass with no problem after that. The hubby was nervous but was fine once I said, "No babe, your undercarriage wasn't touching the ground. It's a hill so I just went at it at the wrong angle."

So needless to say, when it was time to pull the truck out onto the street again, he was gonna do it. So what does he do? He pulls straight off. IDIOT! Even I know that's a bad idea. LOL! He gets out and say's "That was stupid" "Really?" I said. His front 2 tires were on the street and the undercarriage was on the grass, stuck! It took 6 men, a Hummer and a chain to finally get that stupid truck off.

Love you Babe! It's a great story, I had to share. And hopefully you're reading this after April 1st.

I'll have to keep him away from the computer ;-)

So anyway, that is why I have decided to leave the truck jokes for next year.

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