Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm sorry, there's a WHAT in our hallway?

Here he (or she) is. This hidious Bark Scorpion is the reason why I slept horribly last night.

Right before bed, Max was barking at something in the hallway. Sean got up to see what it was and luckily he spotted it before stepping on it. After capturing it with a glass, we did some house searching to make sure there weren't anymore and then we went to the internet to make sure this ugly thing wasn't poisonous. It's not.

Unfortunately, the Bark Scorpion is the same color as our carpet which makes it very difficult to spot. He's just a little guy/gal, maybe an inch and a half stretched out but he still has one heck of a stinger.

We called housing (we live on a military post) and told them about the situation and they said they would come out to spray. Apparently scorpions like dark, warm places and when the temperature drops outside they move to the warmer area's, in this case, our house.

I'm not sure why this scorpion is still sitting on my kitchen counter. In a glass that will soon be sent to the local dump. *Sigh* Have I told you how much I love the desert? I didn't think so.


Ella said...

Ugh!! I would have killed it and left the house. You are getting some creatures aren't. I knew you were going to just love to be in the desert. lol

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Lions and Tigers and Scorpions, oh my! I wouldn't be able to sleep either!

Tiff said...

EWWW YuckyI had one in my sleeping bag once when i stayed on an indian reservation. Scared me to death. They say the smaller they are the more deadly the poison. If it had been poisonous you would have been in trouble!! Good thing it wasn't! Whew!