Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Win a Bedroom Set!

Janice and Susan over at 5 Minutes for Mom are giving away a bedroom set, in order to be considered they ask that we share a picture of our own sleeping angel. If I were to win, I would love the Lily Rose Set from Home & Bedroom Furniture.

So here it is, my sweet little angel sleeping. "I surrender", she peacefully say's. And her shirt reads, "Nothing's Wrong, I'm Just Testing You." I swore that shirt was a curse and thank goodness she quickly grew out of it.

It was a very hard choice to pick just one photo. And after reminiscing, and trying to convince myself that I really don't want another child, (or could afford another one) I chose this darling photo. A true peek into "Bean's" personality.



april said...

Oh so stinkin' cute!

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

When I was going through pictures, I found the one of Bean drifing, drifting, drifting to sleep in daddy's arms when you guys were over for dinner. Do you remember?

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Yup! I remember that. It was between this photo and two other one's and one of the other one's was that picture. It was a TOUGH choice but hopefully I'll make it. And you too!

joandbaby said...

My son used to do that ALL THE TIME! We had that same glider too! She's adorable!