Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So It Is True

Today I got my proof that stress is no good for MS. I already believed it but I hadn't really experienced it clearly until today. If you're not my friend on Facebook, here's some of what you've missed.

Posted Sunday at 9:20am

Dear Neighbor,

I am not going to bitch you out after discovering nearly one hundred cigarette butts in my yard and only ONE in your yard. However, after I am finished raking up all your crap and my sun-dried mulch, I will take note that there are NO MORE butts in my yard. AND, if I find one, YOU WILL KNOW! Take care and enjoy your Sunday!


Your Annoyed Neighbor

Posted on Monday at 8:30pm

Boy-oh-boy! I'm living next door to a cult. A screaming, singing at 8pm in the backyard, always giving me their opinion, my dad can beat your dad, Ms. Smarty Pants 9yr old, my goodness is that cement on your window from our new walkway, cigarette butt throwin', how do you like the new muscle on the block (referring to his POS truck), hey I did 15 minutes on the ellipitical today, CULT!

Posted Today around 10:30am

UNBELIEVABLE!!! My neighbors son is sitting on the fence between our houses encouraging Kouma to bark. WTF is wrong with these people! And why the fuck isn't he in school?!

So there you have it! I live next door to STRESS. Today was the day that did me in, that made me say, "Dang, stress really does mess me up". After giving the "little juvie" (as my friend so kindly referred to him as) the evil eye, he finally got off the fence and retreated back into Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Not even a minute later my vision was freaking out and a headache was forming in my favorite spot, right temple. Ugh!!

Now, two doses of Extra Strength Tylenol and 9 hours later, it's starting to wear off. I put my glasses on to help ease the desire to rip my eyeballs out of my head. Because really, who wants to ruin a perfectly good pair of contacts. Anyway, it seems to be working.

I am so thankful for my wonderful hubby who bears the load of the stress in our lives. And tomorrow, I'll have him all to myself, in a meeting, with lots of other people. More on that later. Maybe.

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