Sunday, November 18, 2007

Craft Show Photo's

It was my first craft show so I have a lot to learn about setting up a space. Hopefully I will be able to get another booth at an upcoming craft show in neighboring Dothan, AL. There are expected to be a lot more people there. Wish me luck!


Kris said...

Hello!! Thanks for popping by my blog yesterday :) Your craft show set-up looks great! Lots of product!

I'd love to try and help you with the Nappy Bag - drop me a line and let me know what parts are being troublesome. :) Kris (

Farrah said...

Your stuff looks great!! Such pretty fabrics. I have done a couple outdoor market things this past summer and one lesson I learned about setting up my table was to add shallow boxes or something under your table cloth to add dimension and make all the products more visible.
Did the show go well for you? Those can be long days, but hopefully rewarding.
Would you still be interested in some sort of ad swap? I could put a button for you on my site and you could do the same for me? Could help us both in our business ventures... :)
Hope your holiday was great. You are brave to attempt the turkey. I leave that to my MIL!!