Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cyber Baby Shower - My Best Baby Bump Photo and Nursery Photo's.

Cyber Baby Shower @ 5 Minutes for Mom -
Best Baby Bump Photo (Professional and not so Professional)
The not so professional one was taken a few days before I was induced.

Nursery Photo's (painted by me)

The bad part is we live in an apartment right now and this will all be painted over in less then a year. We'll be moving AGAIN to a new duty station. I did this because I knew that one day my little girl will look at the pictures of her mommy painting her room and the finished product and appreciate all I did for her. Even though I knew she would probably never remember it.


Lisa, Lisa Lou, Lisa Pizza- said...

You'e so pretty and the nursey is amazing- show off!! :)

Sarah said...

So CUTE! I LOVE the room! Wow, you got pretty large (belly wise) with her- was she big? You looked great- that just isn't fair... I have never been a very pretty pregnant momma. =P

Happy Panda said...

What beautiful photos! Thank you so much for entering. Good Luck

Cushie Pushie said...

OMG. Your nursery is adorable!!!!

Cushie Pushie said...

OMG! Your nursery is adorable!!!!!!