Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Our Anniversary

What kind of an Anniversary do a WAHMother and military Father of 2 have? Well, it goes kind of like this...

The alarm went off at 4:45am for Sean to get up and get ready for work. Once he turned the light on in the bathroom, I woke up and thought to myself..."Oh sh$@! I forgot to put the card out for him." So I tried to quietly crawl out of the noisiest bed in the world to put his card somewhere he would see it before leaving. I was hoping the noise from what sounded like a dam breaking in the bathroom would cover the sound of our squeaky bed. I was able to put the card on the laptop and get back into bed before the flush. I like to think he checks the weather every morning before going to work but who knows. He sits in front of the computer and opens the card which said..."Happy Anniversary to someone with a really cute butt! (It's true, he does) and on the inside it said...Well...except when it "talks." It talks A LOT! But anyway, I heard a cute lil' chuckle and then he came over to kiss my cheek. Before he leaves for work he kissed me again (as he does every morning), said Happy Anniversary Babe and I love you. Off to work he goes.

When I woke up this morning at 6:30am (thank you J. Bean for not waking me up sooner) I took advantage of the fact that both kids were still asleep and I jumped on the computer real quick to check my emails. After brushing my teeth first, of course. To my surprise, he had set something up on the computer for me. We're gonna side track for a minute here. Yesterday he came home for lunch and left a love song playing on the computer so I would hear it when I got home. Well, when I got home I heard what sounded to me to be mumbling coming from the master bedroom. Scared the 'you know what' out of me! I crept back there, ready for a fight, only to see the screensaver reading, "I love you Sarah" and one of our songs playing from the speakers. I called him once my heart rate went back down to a normal pace to thank him for being so sweet and to also inform him that it freaked me out a little. He and I both got a good laugh out of it. Then last night, when I was in bed trying to go to sleep. He was playing music on the computer and singing. At the time I had no idea what he was doing and I gave out a BIG sigh as I rolled over. He got the hint and asked if I was upset with him and I informed him that I was. I think my exact words were, "YES! You have that damn music up so loud and I am trying to freakin' sleep." Come to find out, he was working on something for me to discover this morning. When I turned on the computer this morning, in the middle of the screen was a folder and under it, it said OneFourThree. To him and I this means I love you (1 letter, 4 letters, 3 letters...get it?). I clicked on the folder and there was another folder with a picture of him and I and underneath that it read, "It's true...I do." I clicked on that and then another picture of us came up and underneath it said, "since the day I first saw you". And again click, another picture and another caption reading, "I knew it would be you." Again, "I've run out of rhymes." LOL Isn't he the sweetest? When I click on the last one there was a list of 5 songs for me to play. #1 Cause I Love You by Lenny Williams. #2 Knocks Me Off My Feet by Stevie Wonder (one of my fav's). # 3 Unbreakable by Alicia Keys. #4 Anniversary by Tony!Toni!Tone! and #5 Endless Love by Luther Vandross. Oh goodness, and now I am crying. The sweetest gifts are the ones that are priceless. He is so sweet and I love him so much.

Ok, so after listening to my songs and wiping my tears. I found something to put on the computer for him to see, when he got home. Just like 143 means I love you, Sean and I have started using 10 as I love you to (10 letters). We started this because it's easier to text it in numbers then spelling it out every time. And it all means the same to us. So I went online and searched for the 10 of hearts card. I found one and saved it as a screen saver and centered it right behind his 143 folder for me. When he got home from PT, he saw it and was grinning from ear to ear. Then later on in the day, just before writing this lengthy post, I saw that he put up a picture from our "wedding" as a screensaver. I have put up something else for him that he has yet to see.

So far today we have swapped a lot of love notes via the computer, went to a doctor's appt. for him, ate extremely greasy pizza for lunch, which made me sick. We plan on going grocery shopping later today after he gets off and making dinner at home, maybe. :-)

I rarely ever write long post, I prefer the pictures just because my writing skills suck. But my hubby is the greatest (most of the time) and I just wanted to share a message with my family, friends and just anyone who may be stopping by my blog today. Tell your loved ones that you love them everyday. You don't have to have a lot of money or buy fancy gifts to make someone's heart sore. Love is enough.


Lisa, Lisa Lou, Lisa Pizza- said...

Youngins' you'll grow up soon -Toby (I can't wait to pick on sweet Seany tomorra).

Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful posting of your feelings. I sincerely hope that your love will last a very long time.
Best Wishes on your anniversary and I do hope you have many, many more.
Love to you both

Lisa, Lisa Lou, Lisa Pizza- said...

Ok- this is Lisa now! See what 12 years of marriage does to a man! :) We are such an old married couple, we could learn a thing or 2from you newlyweds!

Anyway, loved the post! It is more often than not the little things that make a big difference. Your thoughtfulness towards eachother on this special day exemplifies that. Congrats!