Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sayonara Numbness

A quick update ~

The numbness above my lip is gone. Yay! It was 24-7 for about two and a half days. When I called the neuro's office the other morning to tell her about it still being there, she transfered me to the appointment desk. I told them why I was calling and who I spoke to about it and that I needed to schedule an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner.

"April 8th is our first available appointment with a NP" she said.

"No thanks!" I said.

Really, what's the point!? Luckily, it went away and all my other symptoms seem to be tapering off too.


Now I have a cold. If I've said this before, I'm sorry. But, I think it's unfair that I should have to suffer through a cold too. I think those suffering from severe illness, disease, whatever, should be exempt from all other common illnesses. PERIOD!

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