Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She Is Me

I am SuperWoman.

No questions asked, with a day like today, my cape is blowing in the wind and I kicked fatigue in the ass.

Breakfast for the family. Son off to school with lunch. Completed a few orders from The Pitter Patter Boutique. Measured the area of the front yard for the Hubs. Snack for Bean. Taped off one wall in Master Bedroom to prepare for paint. Realized I forgot to buy caulk. Lunch for Bean. 30 minute Power Nap for Me. Lunch for Me. Bean wakes up, got Bean ready for the public eye. Got myself ready for the public eye. Started dinner (1 cut with the knife, 2 burns, but I'm all good). Went to the Post Office. Went to Lowe's, got my caulk. LOL! Went to Marie Callendar's, got BEAN cheesecake. (She was nice enough to share with Mommy) Picked 'D' up from school. Helped with Homework. Snack for Bean. Put caulk on wall over painter's tape. Worked on dinner. Finished dinner. Fed Kids. Fed myself. Painted edges of wall. Hubs got home, I took a break.

And here I am. Exhausted!

In that, I spared you the potty breaks every 30 minutes in order to keep Bean's big girl panties dry. The yelling at the dogs every 40 seconds to get them to be quiet. The whining, complaining, moaning and groaning from the 'Diva' herself. Three loads of laundry, washed and folded. And all the other junk us moms deal with on the daily.

Maybe I'm thinking too much of this day. I'm sure most people do these kinds of things everyday but for me, getting more than one or two things done around the house is a struggle. I don't know where all this energy is coming from but I like it!!!


Kathryn said...

lol sarah I love this!! ^_^

Allison L. said...

HA!! I love this too! Its so sick what we do as women....I mean super women! I always say....every woman should have a wife. So good for you. You got a hell of a lot more done than me today ;)