Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Hair (again) and a Science Test

Hopefully this Do will last a little longer than the last 3 or so.

Below is a Science test that my 3rd grader took, he missed two. How many of the answers do you know? Without cheating. :)

1. What holds an atom together?
2. What gives liquid the ability to flow or pour?
3. List an element that is a metalloid.
4. What is a chemical change?
5. What is a compound and give me an example of one?
6. What does the atomic number tell you?
7. What are the three subatomic particles that make up an atom?
8. What makes one element different from each other?
9. What is the atomic symbol for Iron?
10. What is the atomic number for the element Ge?
11. What is a molecule?
12. C6 H12 O6 gives us what compound?
13. What is a physical change?
14. What are at least 4 characteristics of a metal?
15. How many protons are there in Potassium?
16. What are Metalloids?
17. What subatomic particle has a negative charge?
18. What is mass?

I love his school.


Ella said...

Why, Why, Why. Is this a test too????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding about the GS shave! In reading your response I came across the science test. I am dying to know the correct answers. Lol