Thursday, May 15, 2008

$25.00 FREE

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Have you ever heard of RME (Revolution Money Exchange)?

It is supposed to be like PayPal, but there are no fees. They are having a promotion that ends today. If you sign up for it, you get $25 FREE in your RME account (we did it and transferred the $25 to our bank ) immediately.

This is the last day so click the link above and sign up now! Get your $25.00 bucks!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah - Hey it's me, Barbara Wade ( met at Melissa's the night Lisa brought you over. Anyhoo...I have a question to ask you. Abby's in a Mom's Day Out program and she will soon be promoted to the next class up. Long story short, that means she's going from the nursery room with cribs to the toddler room that requires you to have a toddler sleep mat. Me and Katie have been talking about how to make one but I'm searching to see if there's an easier way without having us to have to do the work - ha! Anyway, I thought about you and wondered if you made those. There are some online that are fancy but I'm basically looking for basic mat, covered in cute fabric, monogrammed with Abby's name and maybe a little pillow attached if you do those or know someone that does? If you'd let me know I'd appreciate it!

Thanks, Barbara