Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dont Worry, Be Happy

If only it were that easy. Us Moms and especially WAHM's have it tough. You have a schedule for your personal life (or what little personal life you have), a schedule for the family, a schedule for your kids activities and if you're a WAHM, you have a schedule for your business too. Wooh! I'm tired already.

During the past few weeks couple of months I have been majorly stressed. It got so bad that I decided I needed to make an appointment with my Doc and when I did, I asked for the "Chill Pill". "Does that exist," I asked. Unfortuantely for me and probably my family, it does not exist.

When we got down to it, we decided that I needed to treat my lack of good sleep and see how things went from there. To be completely honest, she also recommended something else but the word Spa Day wasn't a part of it so I decided to reject that option, at least for now anyway.

HELLO Ambien! I've been taking it for only 3 days now but I feel great! I can definitely tell the difference in my mood and my attitude towards life and the daily tasks that often bore me.

If you take Ambien or are thinking about starting, listen to your Doc when they say, "take it right before you go to bed. Don't try to do anything while you're under the Ambien influence." LOL!

Funny Story....

Night 2 on Ambien.

I took my pill and laid down to watch tv for a bit before going to sleep. About 20 minutes in, the hubs and I get into a disagreement regarding golf (grrrr! if I knew how to make a "hacking up a loogey and spitting" sound with words, it would be in these parenthesise instead of grrrr). I turned on my side with my back facing him while he continued to...complain about God knows what. At this point, I was no longer listening. The occasional, "Yup!" and "Nope!" came out of my mouth but that was just to appease him and hopefully stear him towards shutting up sooner rather then later. (Love you Honey!)

I started thinking, "Why am I not asleep yet? I know that small, stupid pill made it down my throat, didn't it? There's no way the "normal" Sarah would let him rant and rave the way he is now with only a "Yup!" and "Nope!" in return. Damn Ambien, what is the problem? Wait a minute, maybe I didn't really swallow the pill. Maybe it fell into the water bottle as I was taking a sip. Damnit!" I laid there for a few minutes running the moment I took the pill through my head over and over again. "I swear I swallowed the stupid thing."

Unable to sleep until I knew for a fact that my Ambien wasn't dissolving away at the bottom of my water bottle, I snatched it off the night stand and headed towards the kitchen. I flipped the light switch on, unscrewed the cap to my water bottle, closed one eye and looked down into the bottle with the other eye. Nothin'! At this point, the side of my brain that was still functioning properly, knew, that I was on Ambien. But still, I held the bottle up to the light, looking for any cloudy substance in the water. Again, nothing! So, I went back to bed and was out quicker then you can say, "You idiot!"

I woke up refreshed and happy to face another day as a Mother, a Wife, a Business Owner, an Interrogator, a Bug Wrangler and a Taxi Driver (to name a few).

To the Mom's out there, there's no tougher job. So when someone says, "Don't worry, be happy", you smile and politely tell them, to back off!

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Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Damn-it, all these years and all I needed was Ambien!!! :)

Glad to hear that you are feeling a little more refreshed and ready to take on the world!