Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The effects of Private School

"D'' is 6 years old and has attended private school for 2 years now. He's in the first grade and this little story happened today.

"D" comes out of his room with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders like Batman. He jumps on the couch and then off the couch on to the floor. At this point I'm trying not to yell out to him "STOP jumping on and OFF of the furniture!!!" :-) After landing on the floor he wraps himself up completely in his blanket and says, "Mom, look! I'm a larva." Not, "Mom, look! I'm a burrito" or "Mom, look! I'm a taco" but I'm a larva. LOL!

Also today, "Mom, how old is Jesus?" "Oh no, I thought. I have no freakin' idea." So what did I say? "Ask your daddy, son.

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Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Too funny! The other day Sprout caught a few caterpillars in his bug house and after a few days, said, "Mom, look it turned into a pupa!"