Thursday, May 8, 2008

Same Great Product - Different Name

Our No-Throw Sippy Cup Holders will now be known as Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holders.

Why, do you ask? Because my fabulous attorney emailed me today to let me know that someone (rolling eye's) has beaten me to the punch and has trademarked the wording "No Throw". Dang!!! Ok, she registered it almost 5 years ago but still, it really worked. I see why she did what she did.

Nothing is written in stone yet with the "Toss-Me-Not" name so if anyone has any better idea's, I'm all ears. My web designer may not like me changing it again as she has to go in and edit some photo's and un-do any work that may have been done to my bag toppers but I'm willing to risk it. She's awesome!

But like I said...same FANTABULOUS product, different name!


Seeryus Mama said...

I LOVE the Toss-Me-Nots that I bought from you!! I'd recommend to everyone with little ones!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Thank You! :-)

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

How about Bungee Cup? ;) Kidding, kidding; Toss-Me-Not is cute!

Louanna said...

Good post.