Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Post in One...Yes, I'm Lazy

I know I've been lazy with the personal posts lately but the fam has been sick (except for "D"), the migraines have been kicking my butt, and life overall has been crazy.

"D" graduated from 1st grade with all 'A' Honor Roll and he received the Presidential Award for Physical Education. No one in his school has ever won that award, he and one other student made it this year. Congrats dude! He goes to a private school so they have a graduation ceremony for every class level. Complete with awards, graduation papers and a slide show. These last 2 years at WCA have been amazing and we're truly going to miss it.

"D" and his 1st Grade Teacher, Mrs. Ellis

For those of you who aren't aware, we currently live in Sweet Home Alabama. The hubs is a Pilot in the US Army and he is finishing up flight school here. Love the new grub I've discovered, not crazy about the crappy mall that's 40 minutes away.

Anywho, we'll be leaving this lovely town sometime in late July - mid August (parents and in-laws, don't quote me on that) and we need to lighten our load a bit. No, no, we're not dumping one of the kids or the annoying Yorkie who barks when the wind blows. We're getting rid of our beloved baby, a 2006 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab. So this post is sort of a farewell to a lot of body work. LOL! My hubs pretty much customized the whole thing and I know he hates to see it go. I do too.

Good-bye ole' girl. I can't remember Sean's name for "her" but I think "IRS" sounds about right. Get it? Oh, and if you know anyone who may want it (for the right price) email me at She's hanging around for now but it's up on eBay for any takers. Not sure if the hubs put shipping on there but he use to haul cars and has a lot of contacts in the "car hauling" biz.

Ciao Bella!


Tiff said...

That's a nice car!!! Is it a diesel??? Congrats to your son for having a great year and getting the President's award for PE!!!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Thanks! Nope, it's not a diesel.