Friday, December 12, 2008

How do you wear your BabyLegs?

With shoes?

Just socks?

With a psychotic dog who runs around like a maniac when the camera comes out?

Or are you just so stinkin' cute that you could wear them on your pinky toe and no one would care?

Or you can do this...

  • Diaper Changing a Breeze
  • Promotes independence while potty training (a stage I'm approaching)
  • Keep legs warm; great with carriers and strollers
  • Protects soft knees from harsh surfaces
  • Lightweight sun protection
  • Fun and Funky fashion accessory
  • Comfortable alternative to tights
  • Arm Warmers for all
  • Instant look of an undershirt
  • Wear under a hospital gown to keep your legs & arms warm
  • Wear over bandages to keep child from removing
  • Provides compression for ice or heating pack

Want a pair? Or 2? Or 3? Check out our styles at The Pitter Patter Boutique!

P.S. Yes, we have lights up IN our house. I started doing it when D was younger and he loved it when we would turn the lights on at night. He's 7 and still loves it, maybe not as much but Bean surely enjoys it.

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