Monday, December 22, 2008

A Message from Santa?

Last night, the whole family was having a major ice cream craving. I hopped in my car and zoomed over to the local gas station for one of those delicious Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars for myself, some Vanilla ice cream (or a Drumstick) for the hubs and a Push Pop for D and Bean.

To my great disappointment, they were closed. Note to self: Gas Station closes at 5pm on Sunday. When I got home I considered fishing through the Halloween bag for any treats that may cure my needs. No such luck. Then I remembered the sugar cookies in the fridge for Santa. They didn't stand a chance.

We popped the first batch in and within 15 minutes we had mini Christmas sugar cookies. Yum!

It took D no time to get to work decorating. But a strange thing happened when I took the second batch out. They went in as Christmas tree's, stockings, and little snowmen but they came out like this...

Could it be? Really? A message from Santa? D thinks so, and we do too. "Cool! I bet no one has ever gotten a message from Santa like this." He said. I told him that Santa must be watching over him since it's getting closer to Christmas. :-) All the more reason to behave while you're not in school. Hopefully.

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Tiff said...

that's definitely a message for santa! Hope those kids of your behave for you this Christmas. LOL. I know I want that for Christmas from my kids! What mom wouldn't?