Wednesday, December 17, 2008


More Snow. In the DESERT!

Today is day 2 of snow. Yesterday we were snow free and we weren't expected to have anymore snow until maybe tomorrow. It has been snowing here since 7:45am pst and it is now 4:45pm pst. Holy Moly! 9 hours straight of snow!

Desert Oasis

After Monday's snowfall...

after today's snowfall. The weight of the snow had our blow-up snowmen and tree's bowing to the snow God's, so we let them rest.

One cold Papa!

Can you see our lights? They're peeking through the snow.

I'm surprised this whimpy tree is still standing, but it photographs well.

Our very own snow wolf.

He loves the snow...

and his chew toy.

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The Smith Boys said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so jealous! We're here in MD and all we've seen were a few flurries last month! I love the pictures of the palm trees covered in snow! Hope you're having fun in it!