Monday, January 26, 2009

A Trip to the Dermatologist

Today at 2:15pm we're going to an appointment to see a Dermatologist for Bean. Since I could remember, she has had very sensitive skin. Whenever we hold her for a little while and then put her down, you can lift up her shirt and see red marks from our hands on her chest and/or back.

When she scratches the back of her leg, neck or wherever, she turns fire red from just a little rubbing. We've brought up her sensitive skin issue to every doctor she's had. 4 Doc's in 19 months, that's what the military & moving does for ya. No one has said much about it until the Doc that we saw this past Tuesday.

He couldn't remember the name of the condition so he whipped out his medical book and started thumbing through it like a mad man. He said, "I've seen one case of this and it was when I was in medical school, training at a Pediatric Hematologist office." Not exactly what a Mom wants to hear. The child had a blood disease that whenever heat from someone's hands, fingers, rubbing or scratching went up against his skin, he turned very red. From what I could understand, it was the heat bringing the blood up to the surface.

Bean's "condition" sounded familiar but he didn't want to jump the gun and send us to a Hematologist. I'm pretty sure all will go well but I just wanted to put a little bug in your ear.

And if you're wondering, it doesn't become a rash, there are no pumps and no swelling. During her Well Baby Check-ups, we rulled out many common things that it could be like eczema, allergies or dry skin.

Wish us luck and I'll be back with an update asap!

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