Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Analyzing Me

It’s the CPSIA’s fault. Ever since hearing about the new law that is sure to change my “career“, I’ve been looking deep into Me and trying to figure out what I am and what I want to be. I’m clear on a few things, I’m a Mom, a Wife and I am extremely lucky. But I’m unfulfilled when it come’s to my career, the professional me.

Remembering my “When I Grow Up I Want To Be…” stories from school, there are 3 career path’s that really stick out. Two of those three, I was extremely passionate about.

1. Architect - This is the one that didn’t stick around for very long. After learning how much math was involved in architecture, I quickly passed.
2. Fashion Designer - At a young age, I had a portfolio full of drawings and cut-outs from magazines. I remember designing my own wedding dress and many other gowns for future fairytale dates.
3. Interior Designer - Something that is still with me today.

Obviously, I love design. And I know from experience that I would prefer to be the boss, and not bossed around. I’m lucky enough to have a husband that supports me in everything I do. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to keep trying out new career’s. I’m hoping by writing this, something will click.

Right now, I am completely stumped on where I want to go with my professional life. There are a few things that I think I would really enjoy doing until I‘m able (hopefully) to retire. Those are (in no particular order)…

1. Own a Candy Store - It just seems like a really fun job and best of all, all my customers will be happy. Who doesn’t like candy?
2. Write a Column for a Newspaper/Magazine - Nothing fancy, maybe a “Tell It Like It Is” kind of thing or an “Uncensored Advice” column. Something entertaining that all people can relate to.
3. Own a Successful Home Décor Business - Whether it be web based where I travel to people’s homes and liven up their living room, or create custom décor for the picky penny pincher, I’d be happy.

As you can see, running a Baby Boutique isn’t listed. I enjoy what I do but I think I’m running scared. I believe in many of my products, one of which is Patent Pending and I will continue to run with until I hit a dead end.

Suddenly, I feel my old designer self coming through and it can’t stop at baby gear. I truly enjoy decorating and designing and feel like I’ve been holding back. Why? I’m not sure, but the layers of indecisiveness are slowly falling away and I’m finding myself again.

This post is a break down, more for me, to help me decide where the hell I want to go from here.

I’m still not sure but I think I’m getting closer.

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La Mama Naturale' said...

Hi Sarah,
I feel the same way- although CPSIA's law won't be affecting me...I still look at the things that I said I *wanted* to do. I say follow your heart. Last year- I made a vision board and some of things I posted on it came true, while others did not...I still remain passionately optimistic. New doors have opened and I'm mtg. new people all the time that are helping me get to my goals. Start doing the things you REALLY enjoy and it will definitely take you places. There's tons of books on following your passion- Eckhart Tolle is a good author to start with. I forgot the name of his book that had a huge response last year-A New Earth, Awaking to Your Life's Purpose he also wrote The Power of Now. I recommend A New Earth and The Secret. :) Best wishes. Just stay positive and passionate.