Monday, January 26, 2009

Update - Dermatologist Appt

Bean got the A-OK from the Dermatologist. He said that from looking at her, it doesn't seem like there are any problems on his end (dermatology) of things. He said that blood tests could tell us more but as far as the exterior of the skin, she looks good.

He gave us a prescription for Hydrocortisone in case the redness turns dry and starts to resemble the beginning stages of ezcema. I don't think we're going to fill it though. She's had the redness and sensitive skin since she was a baby, I don't think it'll turn into that after this long. Or maybe to be safe, we'll fill it just so we have it on hand.

I called the Doc who referred Bean to a Dermatologist in the first place and told him what happened. He said he was going to request the paperwork from the appointment with the Dermatologist and he would call me back.

If you ask me, I think he's on the fence with this one. He said (again) that he remembered the case clearly but then again he wasn't sure if it was necessary for us to go to a Hematologist. I can see where he's coming from, wanting to be safe but at the same time not wanting to cause any unnecessary pain to our sweet little 19 month old, or concern on our end. It's comforting to us to see how much he cares about this and our daughter. And when it comes to our children and their health, we'd rather be safe then sorry.

She's a perfectly healthy toddler who has only had a cold twice, no ear infections and no other illnesses or injuries. We'll just wait and see what the Doc thinks after reading the report.


grandma said...

Ok, I had to read about it on your blog???? How is my baby? Please keep me posted.

Milo's Creations said...

Did your doc give you a name of what he thinks it is? if so try looking it up on that's a good place to read in plain english what medical conditions are. Good luck, I hope its nothing serious.