Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adventure's in Dieting - Day 7

Thank you to the wonderful ladies who have already shared some great tips.

I agree with Barbara 100% when it comes to portion control. It's funny because lately my hubby has been on this "We as American's eat too much" kick. This coming from the man who eats snickers and drinks a soda for lunch. LOSER! Just kidding babe, I love you.

An idea I had regarding portion control and eating out is...when the waiter/waitress brings you your plate, immediately ask for a To-Go box or Doggy Bag and put half of your meal in the box. I could sit there and clear my plate x2 if I really wanted to with no problems but do I really need it? Nope.

According to some smart scientist out there, it takes 10-15 minutes (after you stop eating) to feel full. So take a breather and see maybe if your tummy is done but your mouth just wasn't ready to quit.

Maybe I should first explain what kind of dieting I am doing before I start throwing tips out there. I am eating healthy and eating smaller portions and that is it! Soon I will add in exercise and maybe even Jazzercise (Melissa) ;-) but for right now, the food is what matter's most.

I drink water ALL day. And when I have a craving for a soda, I drink a Coke Zero. But no more then one a day. I have ran out of Coke Zero so I have been drinking only water for the past 4 days. Did I mention that I hate water? And when I go out to eat, I WILL have my glass of sweet tea.

This morning my husband said to me, "Do you really need to cheat on a meal today?" Is he insane??? Yes, I do, and here's why. I can not, realistically, live everyday of my life not ever eating a cheat meal again. Because dieting is a way of life, I have to find a way for it to work for me...forever.

Lisa's idea about satisfying her sweet tooth every evening with a piece of Dark Chocolate is awesome. Too bad I don't like dark chocolate but for those of you out there who do, it is now considered a POWER food so melt away every evening with 1 piece. Yes, just one. Sorry.

And to help out with those before dinner crashes, try eating a healthy snack between lunch and dinner. I usually eat a fruit like a banana or a 100 Calorie Pack or something.

Happy Dieting....yeah right!

Read this article about the Top 5 Foods for Woman or this one that includes 12 Power Foods.

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nannydeprived said...

Hey there! Thought I'd stop by and say hello! Your blog is cute. I love your profile! Nursing on a display shelf in Target. I nursed walking around in Target before. I've nursed everywhere before. I'm with ya there!
Cute blog - good luck with the diet!