Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is the day to show your love to that special person in your life. However, in this family, we don't follow those rules (or atleast the hubby doesn't). You see, my hubby has been protesting V-Day ever since we got married. He thinks it is a Holiday that is completely geared towards woman and the men don't get doodly-squat!

I have to say, that I partially agree with him. Now, do I agree with not getting anything on V-Day? Hell no! But I have no problem with receiving it on the 13th of Feb. :-)

You see, the way he solves his issue with V-Day is he gives me a present on February 13th. So technically, he isn't celebrating Valentine's Day. He's a nut, I know.

I have always given my husband something for Valentine's Day so he is able to enjoy it as well. But for some reason, he still has a issue with it.

So I already got my present and it is a new phone...check it out!

Pretty spiffy huh! I have been spoiled with my Treo that is a touch screen that I have had for close to 4 years so I was due for a new phone. And of course, you gotta upgrade. :-)

Thanks to my wonderful hubby, Sean, for getting me such a cool gift. He doesn't know what he's getting yet so I can't say.

To the man I love, I look forward to NOT celebrating Valentine's Day with you for many, many more years to come.


Patriot said...

Do you like the phone so far? I'm looking for a new one as well. Just wanted to let you know about my giveaway this week. Hope you have a great non-Valentine's Day!!

Tiff said...

awww you two look so cute together!! We don't do much just watch a movie and have our favorite dinner. Grilled shrimp, garlic mash potatos, salad, and home made bread (after the kids go to bed).

Lisa, Lisa Lou, Lisa Pizza- said...

I was a little jealous until I got a new roofrack for my new car and a package to the Spa!!

Hey, where oh where have all of my commenters gone? Please come back, I miss you!

Anonymous said...


Ella said...

I need to upgrade my phone. Do you think your hubby can help with that? All I got for V-Day was a "happy V-day". Oh, well I guess that is better than nothing after 43 years of marriage.