Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 6 and counting...

I need to start off by saying that I am talking about dieting. Enough said, right? I can't guarantee that my language will stay "G" rated given the frustrating subject that we are embarking little one's, it's Daddy time, run along.

Are they gone? Good, Gosh Doggit I HATE dieting.

Here's the skinny on my fat. I was a nice 145lbs. (I'm 5'9'') when I got pregnant with my now 6 year old son. At the peak of my pregnancy with him I was 206lbs. I'll do the math for ya, I gained a whopping 61lbs. give or take a cheeseburger or two. After having him in 2001, I sat at 180lbs. until Summer of 2006 where I got down to 165lbs.

I was torturing myself by eating better and don't kid yourself people, it is torture. All the books and everyone who's on a diet (those who are still savoring the taste of their last slice of pizza 5 days earlier) say's "dieting shouldn't be about starving yourself." HELLO!!! You're starving your body of all those things it love's and want's and so desperately thinks it deserves. Like the burgers, the fries, the pizza, the ice cream and best of all, the CARBS!!!!

So anyway, I quickly gained that weight back when I got pregnant in 2005 but unfortunately we lost that little one. The angels in heaven needed him/her more then we did. When I got prego in 2006 with our little J.Bean I was thrilled to have a new little bundle on the way. I was also thrilled at the thought of no longer having to suck in my stomach. FREEDOM!

So with Bean I got up to 209lbs. I gained about 34lbs. total with her. (I know you didn't bargain for a math lesson during this post but bare with me.) Thank goodness it wasn't anywhere close to the 61lbs. I gained with my son but I was still up there and when she came out, it was on. Balls to the walls or better yet, tits to the floor, I'm gonna lose this weight. For about a month or so that's how it went...and then I gave up, again.

So, I am on the damn dieting wagon again. I am determined this time to get down to my goal weight of 155lbs. by my birthday in August. Not much time, I know. But I work better when I have a date and amount to aim for. And yes, it is true, I want to be a MILF. Although the Hubby already say's I am and the few looks a day that I get prove that to be true (atleast to me), I want to be a hot MILF in short shorts. You see, the last time I actually wore shorts out in public (besides right after my pregnancy with Bean when I was jogging through the woods with hubby) was when I was in high school. Actually, to be more exact, it was when I was 19, right before I got prego with the 6-er.

I want my legs back damnit! I am 25 years old and I am sick of wearing capri's during the torturous months of Summer.

So here's the plan...It's all about the food with me. I can walk and work-out and all that hoop-la but if I can't get my life right with the way I eat, I will never be 155lbs.

The last time I weighed myself (last week) I was at 182lbs. so I have less then 30lbs. to lose.

Today, is day 6 of my healthy eating kick. Tomorrow, I will allow myself one cheat meal and will continue to do so every 7th day of my weight loss trek. The hubby is very supportive (no shit, what husband wouldn't be?) and was there for me today when I texted him around lunch time to tell him I was feeling weak. I needed something. Anything. Just something bad...because we all know, the bad, is so damn good.

I have decided to share my "Adventure's in Dieting" with all of you. Aren't you lucky.

First order of business, I have to buy a scale. Wal-Hell here I come!

Second, share your dieting tips. What works for you and what doesn't.


Barbara said...

I do pretty well for breakfast and lunch because my portions are controlled. At breakfast, I have a bowl of bran cereal in a toddler bowl which measures about 1 cup. For lunch I have a cup of organic black bean soup, which is filling and also an appropriate servimg, and lots of veggies. I fall apart in the period before supper when I snack when I shouldn't and what we have for sister. I'll read up for your tips on this witching hour.

The Smith Boys said...

One word...Jazzercise :-) Shameless, I know. If that before dinner witching hour is your problem...we now have class at 4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

My food secret...get rid of the junk (harder with kids around), bran cereal for breakfast and salad (little or no dressing) at lunch or dinner. This little combo "gets things moving" if you know what I mean. And I have to have m&ms. I know they are a cheat but I think you need something and at least they aren't as bad as the slippery slope of chips, cookies and cake!

Oh yeah, did I mention Jazzercise???

Lisa said...

You go girl! I'm right there with you, so we can commisserate together. I have found that eating healthy foods every couple of hours helps keep me satisfied and avoid the mid afternoon crash. After dinner I eat one piece of Dove Dark Chocolate (which is now considered a power food-yippee) and it quenches my need for sweets after dinner. Maybe we can keep eachother on the wagon this time! I have lost 4.5 so far!

Suzi said...

Hey there!

I have just lost 10 pounds so I totally know what you're going through (I'd like to lose another 20).

Here's my thing: definitely allow yourself cheat meals here and there! If you stay on your "diet" religiously, your stomach will not be able to consume your entire cheat meal anyway. After a few bites you'll feel full, and most importantly, your taste buds will be satisfied, making you a happier person!

My only other bit of really critical advice is water. It's amazing what a lot of water can do for you. If I'm bloated after a naughty meal, I drink tons of water (sometimes I have to tinkle in the middle of the night, which is annoying, but worthwhile). The next day after your water festival you'll find your belly has gone down!

Keep posting us on your progress. It is so hard, but with an awesome support system (i.e. your blog readers, LOL) you can do it!!!

Suzi said...

I'm on a "diet" myself so I can help!

1) First and foremost, allow youself a cheat meal! If you stick to your plan religiously, a cheat meal is actually good for you! It will definitely curb cravings and make you feel happy and satisfied. An added bonus? If you are strict with your plan the rest of the time, your belly won't be able to fit your entire cheat meal anyway - those few bites you do take won't hurt you in any way!

2) Water is your new best friend! Sure it's a pain to pee in the middle of the night, but the results in terms of bloating, etc. are astounding.

3) Keep posting here about your journey! An awesome support system is a tremendous help. You'll learn that others are in the same boat as you and you'll make friends you can take on this journey with you!

Good luck and keep us posted!

Suzi (Maddy Rose Boutique)

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Thanks Suzi

Amy said...

Hi there! Lisa's SIL here... I have a couple of tips that I live by ... make sure your breakfast is filling, lunch is healthy, and you stay busy (probably not too difficult with two little ones) I feel like it is easy until about 2 or 3:00 b/c my breakfast is filling, my lunches are healthy, and my days are busy. Then the munchies HIT and watch OUT! So ... I go for a huge glass of water and some almonds. They really do help. Sometimes I will have a bowl of soup mid-afternoon or a small bowl of cereal. Go Lean crunch is really tasty (believe it or not). And if you get one of those Progresso low sodium soups they are pretty good, really filling, and don't have a lot of calories. If I do that (almonds, soup or a small bowl of cereal) I can make it until dinner without snacking like a mad woman). That is really my weakest time. After dinner I don't let myself eat anything. At all. 6:00 is my absolute cut off. Nothing. Except water. At first it was difficult because I like ice cream and I like Smirnoff Ice. But if I make it through the afternoon munchies I don't want to ruin it by eating in the evening. I feel so good if I make it through the afternoon munchies that making it through the evening is pretty easy.
Ok, I think I filled up your entire comments area. I hope this helps a little. Good luck!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Thanks Amy! That's great advice. Gotta try that cereal and get some progresso soup.