Friday, February 22, 2008

So much stress over these...

Who would have thought that the day would come that I would be tearing apart my living room trying to find the cap to my water bottle. Not because I so desperately needed that cap to my water bottle but because I have a very curious 8 month old daughter who manages to find any and every little thing that may be on the floor or 2-3ft above it.

My poor husband, my first question was "What did you do with the cap to my water bottle?" in an accusatory manor of course (love you honey). "Nothing", he replied. "Damnit, I said. Then where the hell is it?" As I am asking myself this I am tipping the couch up along with the end tables, the love seat, the chair and of course the ottoman. It is no where to be found. "How can that be? It was right here on the table and now it's gone".

During my tirade I had also thrown a blanket that we had sitting on the chair into the dining room so I could better search the furniture. Where do you think that bottle cap was??? Yup, it was stuck to the stupid blanket. You know the little ridges that are on a bottle cap. Well, that cap hung on for dear life as I was throwing that blanket around and I finally found it when I gave up and swore to keep an eye on my daughter every second until I found it. I layed the blanket over my lap and like it was sent down from heaven, the bottle cap was staring up at me. I could've sworn it had a white glow around it.

My stresses were over. Thanks a lot for the hike in my blood pressure you annoying little cap that goes on to another little annoying thing that now has become my third child.


Artform Nail Creations said...

Sarah, you relate stories in such a good way. I am laughing hard! Love your blog and design - will be back to check out your latest adventure soon!

thepitterpatterspouse said...

I just wanted Sarah to know how abosolute proud I am of her. We communicate alot (and sometimes have 'vigorous' discussion), but sometimes I just like to read your blog:) I just want the world to know that I think I have the best wife in the world, and I support you in all that you do. (even though I can play the Devil's advocate oh so well).
P.S.- ur sexy!