Monday, August 17, 2009

Febreze Friends

My friends over at Febreze sent me this beautiful Home Collection set. It included Febreze Flameless Luminaries and a 4-piece set of coasters. Thank you Febreze!!!

I quickly unwrapped the package, not before taking a picture first of course, and set out the super cute coasters. We've been in search of coasters that don't include roosters or grapes in their design and these are perfect!

They all have different designs on them (or in them) but you can also pull out the card and replace it with your own picture. Cute!

Even the rubber band that was holding them all together was cute. :) See for yourself.

Sean say's I'm a marketers dream, but I think I just appreciate people making things pretty.

The Febreze Flameless Luminaries are more than a flamless candle, they provide scent and a soft, flickering light through a variety of scented shade styles. Perfect for families with curious little one's running around the house or for those who's memory isn't so good anymore. After 4 hours, the flickering light will cut off on it's own.

All you need is 2 AA batteries, scented shades which come in a variety of delicious scents, and a few seconds to flip the 'on' switch. I received the Green Tea Citrus scent, once I turned it on, I was in heaven. Really, it was that freakin' good.

Bean really enjoyed the bow...

Thanks again Febreze!

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